Jul 5, 2020

What's in my Bag - COVID19 Edition ;)

After three months of working from home, I am going back to office tomorrow. Of course I'm not too excited about it. Aside from the fact that I have already gotten used to staying in and being in my glorious pambahay all day, I still doubt the safety of being out there 9-5 (uh, maybe 7?) Then again, it's company policy so we don't have much choice. So to fight the Monday blues, I thought I could use the new wallet J bought me last weekend along with a color-coordinated bag. Y'know, we girls just need a little push sometimes! :)

As I fixed my stuff this afternoon, I figured I can do a quick What's In my Bag post, this time it's COVID-19 edition! Hahaha!

Burgundy is ❤️❤️❤️

Why COVID edition, you say? Well, I'm sure that big bottle of alcohol and the pack of spare masks are hard to miss! :D Normally I just bring a small sanitizer but I am scared that I'd be exposed for a longer period of time and my handy-dandy one won't be enough!

Looking at the photo now, I realized I am too basic for a working woman. I don't even bring cosmetics because I don't wear make-up to work. In fact, I remember doing a post like this some 9 years ago and I have more things back then! Haha. I tried to compare and really, haven't changed a lot in terms of everyday essentials. I still have a pink notebook (a planner, this time), some pens and the ever trusty Giggles wipes. The rest -- wallet, keys, tissue, my corporate badge -- they're all the same! The only things I've added are (1) my EZ-Link card which is an SG must-have if you commute (2) a hand cream and (3) my face moisturizer coz you know, we're not getting any younger! 😅

Oh well, it's getting late and I need to doze off because tomorrow I will no longer have the luxury of waking up at 9 and starting work at 9:10. LOL. Wish me luck!

And as always, take care especially if you're going back to office like moi!


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