Jul 24, 2020

I Have a Vlogger Daughter! =)

Yes, you've read that right! My 6-year old daughter is a vlogger! Haha. Kabog ang Mommy!

Well actually, she asked me to create a Youtube channel for her last year however, after her intro clip, we never got the chance to create more videos because J and I both work full-time and we have never gotten around exploring video editing. But since Maddie's been stuck with my sisters in the Philippines and they are running out of things to do at home, they thought of creating a new vlog!

So, here it is, friends! Self-confessed stage Mommy here so please watch, like and subscribe!

Amazing because she used to be very shy in her first video but looking at this one, she's now more comfortable to talk to the camera! What's even more making me happy is that she's very much into it that she has come up with a list of ideas on future content. These things make me forget she's 6! Slow down, darling! We are missing too much already! =(

Anyway, I am getting sleepy and gotta work-in-office pa tomorrow so good night, guys!

Don't forget to watch my little girl's vlog ha?
Seeing her views and subscribers going up really makes her smile 😊

Thanks in advance and have an awesome weekend ahead!

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