Jul 24, 2020

I Have a Vlogger Daughter! =)

Yes, you've read that right! My 6-year old daughter is a vlogger! Haha. Kabog ang Mommy!

Well actually, she asked me to create a Youtube channel for her last year however, after her intro clip, we never got the chance to create more videos because J and I both work full-time and we have never gotten around exploring video editing. But since Maddie's been stuck with my sisters in the Philippines and they are running out of things to do at home, they thought of creating a new vlog!

So, here it is, friends! Self-confessed stage Mommy here so please watch, like and subscribe!

Amazing because she used to be very shy in her first video but looking at this one, she's now more comfortable to talk to the camera! What's even more making me happy is that she's very much into it that she has come up with a list of ideas on future content. These things make me forget she's 6! Slow down, darling! We are missing too much already! =(

Anyway, I am getting sleepy and gotta work-in-office pa tomorrow so good night, guys!

Don't forget to watch my little girl's vlog ha?
Seeing her views and subscribers going up really makes her smile 😊

Thanks in advance and have an awesome weekend ahead!

Jul 5, 2020

What's in my Bag - COVID19 Edition ;)

After three months of working from home, I am going back to office tomorrow. Of course I'm not too excited about it. Aside from the fact that I have already gotten used to staying in and being in my glorious pambahay all day, I still doubt the safety of being out there 9-5 (uh, maybe 7?) Then again, it's company policy so we don't have much choice. So to fight the Monday blues, I thought I could use the new wallet J bought me last weekend along with a color-coordinated bag. Y'know, we girls just need a little push sometimes! :)

As I fixed my stuff this afternoon, I figured I can do a quick What's In my Bag post, this time it's COVID-19 edition! Hahaha!

Burgundy is ❤️❤️❤️

Why COVID edition, you say? Well, I'm sure that big bottle of alcohol and the pack of spare masks are hard to miss! :D Normally I just bring a small sanitizer but I am scared that I'd be exposed for a longer period of time and my handy-dandy one won't be enough!

Looking at the photo now, I realized I am too basic for a working woman. I don't even bring cosmetics because I don't wear make-up to work. In fact, I remember doing a post like this some 9 years ago and I have more things back then! Haha. I tried to compare and really, haven't changed a lot in terms of everyday essentials. I still have a pink notebook (a planner, this time), some pens and the ever trusty Giggles wipes. The rest -- wallet, keys, tissue, my corporate badge -- they're all the same! The only things I've added are (1) my EZ-Link card which is an SG must-have if you commute (2) a hand cream and (3) my face moisturizer coz you know, we're not getting any younger! 😅

Oh well, it's getting late and I need to doze off because tomorrow I will no longer have the luxury of waking up at 9 and starting work at 9:10. LOL. Wish me luck!

And as always, take care especially if you're going back to office like moi!


[Maude's Quarantine Kitchen] Baking Bread

So it's July! Just like that, half of the year's gone and our lives are still pretty much at a standstill. My mood swings are bad these days, especially now being away from Maddie. But wait, don't worry, this is not another emotional post. I just wanted to say that what instantly turns my mood around is baking! I did a baking marathon yesterday and I'm feeling so tired yet so accomplished so I'm gonna write it down just to record my mini achievement.

I have always wanted to bake bread. I started with Cinnamon Rolls last month. The first time wasn't so good. I burnt the top and the bread was overall tough. Good thing hubby eats everything I make, so it's okay. We live, we learn. I learnt that the yeast that I used was supposed to be for crusty breads. Eureka moment. LOL! So the next try was a big hit. Okay, I used a different recipe, too. But I really feel it's the yeast that made the difference.

Here is my 2nd attempt at Cinnamon Rolls.

Does it look enticing? :)

And then yesterday, I thought that if I'm gonna bring out my huge kneading board again, I better make the most of it. Hence, I made Pan de Sal, Cheese Rolls a la Mary Grace and Ensaymada all at once! Nakakapagod, mga teh! But when I took that first bite of the cheese roll, gosh, the effort was all worth it!

Here, let me show you.

Perfect with butter, coco jam or dipped in condensed milk!
How do you like yours? :)

The pandesal was so-so. It's okay to satisfy the Sunday morning Pinas breakfast feel that we always miss here, but honestly, the texture was more dinner rolls than pandesal. I will try Erwan Heusaff's recipe next time so I can compare.

But this. This is the star of the night! 😍

Tastes as good as it looks 💖

To be honest, I didn't expect much while baking the cheese rolls. First and foremost, I knead manually. I have always lusted over a pink Kitchenaid but last February I passed on a $488 Raspberry Ice Kitchenaid on sale and it haunts me to this day. I don't wanna buy a regular-priced one so I have to wait for now. I have to work these flabby arms out anyway, so manual kneading it is :)

Secondly, my first-time baked goodies usually fail so I said if this one fails too, I'm very much okay and I will try better next time. But lo and behold, na-achieve ang Mary Grace peg! It was so soft and had just the right sweetness! It looks perfect too! Sometimes I bake and even if it tastes good, I fail on the aesthetics. But this one is a real feat. Please indulge me for a bit here because I was so happy with it ;)

But like any other kitchen adventure, there's an improvement point too. I used Eden cheese because natural cheeses daw melts into the bread but half of what I put still melted. 

I need to put bigger cheese slices next time.

Oh by the way, all the credit goes to Chef Jackie Ang Po's recipe. She posted it in her Facebook page. You might wanna check it out and give it a try too.

And then lastly, I also made Ensaymada, because it's just made of the same sweet dough as the rolls. The only difference is that it has no filling, you need to roll it longer and twirl it into the mold, and then top with cheese. This time I used Gouda and it just worked. This, friends, is obviously beginner's luck :D

The saltiness of Gouda balanced the sweetness so it's 👌

Now excuse me while I reheat my breads and make a cup of my favorite Old Town Hazelnut coffee (that alone is 26g of carbs but what the heck, haha!)

Happy Sunday, dears!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend too :)

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