Jun 13, 2020

Fine Dining in the Time of COVID-19

It’s been a week since our Anniversary and I thought I wanna share with you how our lunch date at home went. First, my Ikea online haul — which contained most of my table setting stuff — didn’t arrive on time. In fact, it hasn’t arrived till now, and I’ve no idea where it is already. Boo Ikea! So, the eve of our Anniversary, I rummaged through all my cupboards to see if I have decent dinnerware, then whatever we lacked, we shopped for at our local hypermarket. Luckily, we still managed to complete our to-buy list and quite frankly, it made me realize that I don’t really need more than half of the things I bought at Ikea that night! Talk about impulse-shopping! LOL.

In the morning, I requested hubby to set up a table in the middle of our living area but because he’s the best, he voluntarily googled “proper table setting” and worked his way to this:

The only items we had to buy are the cutleries (just because I want them new and shiny),
soup bowl, placemats and table cloth. The rest are already "on hand" ;P

Come lunch time, I ordered our ribeye steak via GrabFood (thank God for technology!), added pasta, some sides and of course, soup. I brought out the traditional Tiramisu that I prepared the night before, popped a bottle of our favorite Moscato Rosé and we’re ready to dig in!

Doesn't it look so well put-together?
And oh, I made an effort to stencil our initials into the Tiramisu! 

'Corz there has to be some solo shots!

J even played some romantic instrumentals to complete the feel. It was perfect!

You see, COVID-19 may have ruined our plans for an out-of-the-country getaway, closed all our favorite restos for dining in, and limited our movements to only the essentials but it can’t stop us from celebrating a decade and a half of love in our own special way!


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