Jun 7, 2020

Day 91 to 100 - I Made It!

Congratulations are in order! After 8 years, 9 months and 27 days, I am completing the 100-day photo challenge with these last 10 photos!

Day 91 - A picture of you and your friends playing a game

August 2019 | Playing Toy Story Monopoly with Maddie, J, Mom
and our housemates while on staycation in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Day 92 - A picture of your school

Photo Credit | PLM Graduate here, batch 2009! :)

Day 93 - A picture of your favorite board game

We used to play this in college! I wanna be able to play it again
but nobody wants to play it with me here! :(
Isda girlfriends, let's play on our next getaway, please?
*whenever that may be*

Day 94 - A picture of you and your friends eating

December 2019 | Get-together with my first set of friends in Singapore at Yabu, Ayala Malls Feliz

Day 95 - A picture of you on a plane

April 2018 | It was my first time to fly Business Class going to India for work! Oh gosh, Singapore Airlines' Business Class cabin is sooooo good! I hope to do this again, but it's crazy expensive if it's gonna be personal expense!

Day 96 - A picture of your favorite movie

Photo credit | I'm not very much into movies so I'm just
gonna put here the last one I saw in the cinema! Haha!
When you're a mom, you cannot not watch this 10 times! ;-P
The storyline and the songs are good though, so maybe it can really
among my top 10 :)

Day 97 - A picture of somethingone you no longer have

March 2012 | I lost my Dad 8 years ago (I wrote about it here).
This photo was taken a day before he fell into coma.
I still miss him till now, still wishing he didn't have to go too soon :(

Day 98 - A picture of you and your friends out somewhere

November 2019 | So ecstatic that my besties visited us here in SG!
Of course, there has to be a shot with Merlion :D 

Day 99 - A picture that was first on your Facebook

November 2007 | Yep, I've been in Facebook since then!
Look at that! Ampayat ko paaaaa T_T

Day 100 - A picture of you smiling

February 2020 | Bridesmaid duties for one of my girlfiends.
Alam nyo na, pag may brick wall, kailangan may picture! :D

And that's a wrap! Good job, self. Good job.

Now on to a different challenge. Any suggestions? :)

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