May 22, 2020

Continuing the 100 day photo challenge 9 years later

While browsing my archives, I saw posts about the 100-day Photo Challenge. It was a thing for bloggers circa 2011 where you post one photo a day for 100 days to keep the blogging habit. I find it so funny that 9 years later, I'm still not done with it. So now I thought, let me just try to finish it for the Nth time (honestly, I lost track! >_<) Anyway, it's also a good way to share random stories about the past few years =)

Day 76 - A picture of you drinking something 

November 2017 | My Starbucks staple, Java Chip <3

Day 77 - A picture of you and friends making silly faces

February 2020 | One of my girlfriends, Nikki, married her beau of 10 years, Donz.
And here's the whole gang doing the obligatory wacky shot ;-P

Day 78 - A picture of you in the dark and
Day 79 - A picture of you in the water

June 2018 | Sands Skypark, Marina Bay Sands, where I chose to celebrate my big 3-0 :)
Lovely city view especially at night.

Day 80 - A picture of you and someone you love being silly
May 2020 | Maddie and I playing with FB Messenger filters. Does she take after me alr? ;)

Day 81 - A picture of you with a character

June 2013 | We had our honeymoon in Hongkong and of course, Disneyland had to be one of our stops.
Dang, I miss traveling already. Can this virus be over now? :(

Day 82 - A picture of someone you love asleep

January 2020 | Few days after the new year and there I was watching my two loves being very sweet even in their sleep.

Day 83 - A picture of you and a teammate

December 2019 | I'm not singling out one teammate, I'm showing you the whole team on our holiday celeb.
Three Filipinos, two Sri Lankans, one French, all awesome! :)

Day 84 - A picture of a school project

April 2019 | Since I'm already too old for school projects, thought I'm gonna show you one
of Maddie's instead. We take Kinder1 projects seriously here, you know! :D

Day 85 - A picture of your favorite holiday

December 2018 | This Boracay trip is our first family holiday just the three of us
and it was really one for the books. It's quality time at it's finest. And the island is just
breathtakingly beautiful after the 6-month restoration. I can't wait to be back!

Day 86 - A picture of someone who helps you with school

February 2020 | Our college barkada's smart kid, Noreen.
We would always joke that she's the major reason we made it out of the uni alive! Haha!
Thanks, babes! Love you forevs x

Day 87 - A picture of someone you grew up with

December 2019 | Me and my cousin. We literally spent every day of our childhood
together, most of those were in our Grandma's house where this photo was taken.
So much memories! :)

Day 88 - A picture of your dream car

[Note: This is obvs a googled photo so ctto :)] Mangangarap ka narin lang eh itodo na!
A Lamborghini Aventador, folks! ;)

Day 89 - A picture of you at a hotel

June 2018 | Also at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. So grateful to have spent my 30th birthday
with the whole fam here in SG. Well except for Dad, but he's always in my <3 so yeah.

Day 90 - A picture of you wearing your favorite color

January 2020 | Pink, corz! :D
This day I marked my 8th year working in the Lion City. How time flies!

Last 10 photos, guys!

I have a strong feeling I will really finish it this time! Fingers crossed!


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