Aug 14, 2015

Maddie Moments: Infant Photoshoot at Baby Shower Studio

I regret not getting a Newborn Photoshoot done for Maddie. Back then, I didn't know that the baby has to be 10 days or less =( So I thought the next best thing is an "infant" photoshoot - just to capture her being so small and so cute and so baby! ^_^

My favorite shot. Too cute for words!

I took advantage of Baby Shower Studio's summer promo. I got the Php2499 package which includes 1 set-up of background, 2 outfit changes, 30-minute continuous shooting and most importantly, all high-resolution files. Their studio is in Timog Avenue, Quezon City -- quite easy to find if you ask me. Upon entering, I was immediately amazed at the pretty sets. I really wanted to choose the garden theme as it is more dainty and colorful but in the end I preferred the one with a bed since it will be more comfortable for the baby girl.

My friend was able to take a couple of behind the scene shots before we were told that it's not allowed. Sorry!
These photos (especially the one in the right) shows just how challenging it is to do an infant shoot. We're all trying to capture her attention but I guess she's a bit overwhelmed with the all the lights and the unfamiliar faces.

I can say that I am satisfied with the output although I'm quite sad that we were only given 40 shots and they were the ones who did the selection. It should have been okay given that it is relatively cheap but at least they should have explicitly mentioned it in the offer that they published so that customers can manage my expectations.

Also, my mom, who is naturally protective of Maddie (who's only 2.5 months then) was a bit concerned on how the photographer's assistant handled her when switching positions. My mother called her attention and asked her to be a bit more careful as Maddie is still fragile but she responded in an unpleasant tone and even made a face. This could be an isolated case but to be honest, this made me look for another studio for her next shoot. Customer service isn't everything, but it's still something :)

Anyhow... here are the other shots that I liked...

I specifically requested for this shot because she was a cry-baby in the first few months. Haha!

I also asked for these last two photos to somehow immortalize those tiny hands and feet ^_^

In conclusion, will I go back to Baby Shower Studio for Maddie's photo session? Maybe yes. But only when she's old enough to follow instructions and stay still for some time to give photographers the chance to take lots of good shots without the need for another person's intervention. I don't think that would happen anytime soon because she's too naughty now and you just can't ask her to stay put! =)

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