Aug 13, 2015

Maddie Moments: Her First Trip to the Philippines

I didn't let my 3-month Maternity Leave end without going home to the Philippines. I remember telling Jhay that I needed it to re-charge just before I go back to work so my very understanding husband obliged (even if it meant leaving him behind because he can't take a leave that long).

Of course I had to take Maddie with me primarily because she is breastfed and also so that our families in the Philippines can finally meet her!

Her first passport! And look at that tiny face! ^_^
She just passed the 1 week mark in there!

See you after 9 days, Daddy! We'll miss you! :-*

(L) While waiting to board. (R) Maddie's first plane tickets!

Maddie cried only for a little while during take-off and slept in for the rest of the 3.5hr journey. Unfortunately I was too nervous about her waking up mid-flight so I failed to take a picture of her first plane ride. Boo!

Meeting her Lolo for the first time. Maddie is the first baby girl in Jhay's family so she's everyone's darling! That's Maddie's cousin, TJ (remember this post? :D)

With my side of the family. I preferred to have her call my sisters Aunt instead of the Filipino equivalent Tita because I find it more cute! Haha!

The next day, we went with the kids to a nearby clubhouse to swim.

Maddie, anak, I'm so sorry that you are wearing pajamas on your very first dip in a pool!
Bad mommy!

I wasn't prepared because I really had no plans of letting her swim. You know, paranoid that she might catch a cold or something. But my mom was insistent as it is a scorching summer day and this will help her freshen up.

Just as mom said, she was able to take her morning nap immediately after the swim :)

Maddie also got the chance to meet her Isda Ninangs (if you already forgot why we call ourselves Isda, here's a refresher :D). She only slept as we ate and when she woke up, she's still very well-behaved. No crying at all! Good job, little one!

The food at Rack's is so good! The fall-off-the-bone ribs are a given as it is the house specialty but their mashed potato is also worth a mention! I'm making a mental note to eat there again when I go to Manila.

They still can't believe that they are carrying Maddie already because the last time we were together, she's still in my tummy. One of my friends, Jejo, thinks she's too fragile so she doesn't want to hold her on her own. Haha.

Maddie's outfit of the day:
Top, bottoms and Minnie Mouse boots from Mothercare :)

Another agenda that we had in this homecoming is this...

April 28, 2014 | Maddie got pierced! Another milestone! :D
Can't help but notice her chubby cheeks, though. Hihi. Sarap kurutin!

The earrings that I got for her are the usual hypoallergenic ones that you get from the pediatrician. It's her birth stone, Amethyst. Getting her pierced put an end to people mistaking Maddie for a boy because of her naturally spiked hair (guess she also got it from Daddy!) Hahaha.

Maddie also had her first photo shoot in the Philippines but that's for another post :)

Thank you to our family and friends who welcomed Maddie with so much love! You made her first travel fun and full of happy memories!

Third row middle photo was taken before we flew back to Singapore.
Till we meet again, Aunties, Uncles, Lolos and Lolas! Kisses! 

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