Aug 12, 2015

Maddie Moments: Her Baptism in Singapore

Elders say that before bringing a newborn to parks or malls or somewhere else far from home, she should first be baptized to put her under God's care and protection. And because we know that we cannot contain our wanderlust for too long, we planned Maddie's baptism just a couple of months after her birth.

 Invitation made by Mommy, of course!

My little girl knows how to pose na talaga.. ^_^
Quick note: Her baptismal gown and shoes as well as the other dress are all from the Philippines.
Baby clothes here are nice but quite expensive so we buy from PH whenever there's a chance.

On April 20th, coinciding with the Easter Sunday of 2014, Maddie was officially welcomed to God's family. The ceremony was held at the Church of Saint Michael and was officiated by Fr. Angel Luciano, the chaplain of Filipino migrants in Singapore.

 There is no special baptism here, which explains why there are so many people in this photo :) All ceremonies are communal because each church holds only one baptism every 2 months. We didn't pay anything for it though, and an offertory envelope/stipend is completely voluntary.

The Certificate of Baptism is given right after the ceremony! How efficient things are in SG!

With Maddie's Ninongs ang Ninangs.
It's not customary here to have a dozen sponsors so we limited it to 3 pairs :)

A quick side story: It is a requirement for infant baptism here that the parents are married in Catholic church and since Jhay and I are only civilly wed, we also had a wedding convalidation on the same day. A convalidation is a ceremony with the exchange of marital vows, blessing of the rings and signing of the contracts -- pretty much a church wedding without the glitz and glamour! Haha.

Our witnesses -- beside me is Maribel, my former colleague while the one next to Jhay is his cousin Ronald, who is also based here in SG.

Fr. Angel was making funny side comments as we exchanged rings hence the huge smiles on our faces. A little trivia: he is the same priest who started the Simbang Gabi tradition here in Singapore :)

Again, the Marriage Certificate was handed to us afterwards.
Woohoo! We are officially married in church, too! =)

After the baptism, we feasted on some classic Filipino dishes at Gerry's Grill (yes, the same one that we have in the Philippines!).

Their al-fresco dining area can be used for functions. You can opt for a sit-down buffet or a buffet table setup just like this for a more formal feel. And oh, see that tarpaulin in the background? It's also my labor of love :)

They have set menus or you can create your own as long as it sums up to a minimum of S$20/pax. We preferred to customize so our spread consists of Beef Caldereta, Grilled Pork Belly, Pinakbet and Palabok. Our set also includes Crispy Chicken Skin for starters, plain rice and assorted canned drinks. Both food and service are good so we keep coming back to Gerry's!

Aside from the sponsors, we made it a point to invite our friends here as our way of saying thank you for showering me and Maddie with gifts and well wishes even before her arrival.

That's Calix, another baby from our friendship circle. He's a year older than Maddie, though.

We got her cake from a local bakeshop Bengawan Solo and some customized red velvet cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes as giveaways.

Thank you so much Godparents, Aunties and Uncles for celebrating with us! And for all these presents, too!

Love lots,
Maddie :-*


  1. "There is no special baptism here, which explains why there are so many people in this photo" <-- Kaunti pa nga 'yan compared kung may binyagan dito tapos sabay sa fiesta. Haha! :)

    1. Hahaha! Oo nga no! Sabay sa fiesta... so Pinoy! :D

  2. May I know if a seminar was required for the ninongs/ninangs? Thanks

    1. Hi Cholo, for Fr. Angel, there was no formal session. It's more of conversational lang where he asked us about our relationship and our family in general. Then he checked the requirements and we're good to go. But since I was able to inquire with other Catholic Churches here, yes, they do require a 1-day preparatory session for the parents as well as the godparents. So better check with your preferred Church early so you can plan ahead :)

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  4. Hi! We're also planning to have the baptism of our daughter in SG. May i know if Father Luciano still the officiating priest? And yung convalidation, happens when before or after the baptism?

    1. Hello! Unfortunately, I heard from a friend that Fr. Angel already went back to the Philippines. But I was also told that he has a replacement priest who is also a Filipino :) For us, the convalidation was done before the baptism but there are also churches here requiring it to be done a week or two before the scheduled baptism date. Best to check with your parish way ahead to avoid surprises! All the best with the preps! 😊


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