Aug 11, 2015

Maddie Moments: Her 2nd Month

The days went by too quickly since Maddie's arrival. Being a Mommy made me completely lose track of time. Back then, time was measured only by feeding sessions, nappy changes, lullabies on repeat and over-too-soon naps. Before I know it, Daddy's home from the office, we'd grab a dinner bite (Maddie would cry before we can even call it a full meal!), they'd have some playtime then we'd go to sleep. Another day is done just like that! But no matter how crazy those times were, I still find myself wishing we can all go back. Really, nothing compares to having your family with you :(

Okay, before I go all-out with my #OFWproblems, let me get back to business and reminisce Maddie's 2nd month :)

Her many happy smiles
She may be crying a lot when sleepy or feeling uncomfortable but majority of the time, Maddie is a happy baby!

She has this skill of making it seem like she's looking at the camera even back 
when she has yet to develop her vision fully.

Still smiling all the way to dreamland! :)

Ready for bed time in her Minnie Mouse ensemble but would still pose for the camera.

Wacky!!! :P
On a side note, the shirt she's wearing was part of the newborn pack from Raffles Hospital.
It's a very good keepsake, I must say :)

Her smile is infectious. At first I thought it's just me but a friend went out of her way to send a Facebook message just to tell me that looking at Maddie's smile makes her smile as well :)

Her 2nd Month Celebration

The obligatory monthly celeb photo :)

Lola Nelia (Jhay's Mom) was in Singapore for a 3-week vacation so she cooked some of her specialties to celebrate Maddie's 2nd month birthday.

Unlike her 1st month celebration, this time it's smaller and simpler. We prepared only a few dishes as there were only the 4 of us as well. And for me, basta may cake, happy! ^_^

Family photo in our full pambahay glory! Haha!

 Maddie: "Enough of the pictures, Mommy! T_T"
That's Lola Nelia! Thanks for the delish Lechon Paksiw, lola! :)

Hurrah for two months! ;)

Now on to the milestones...

At 2 months, we can already talk to Maddie and get some coos in response. Her favorite person to talk to is...

Look at that smile! She's ecstatic just seeing him!

Maddie listening intently to Daddy. She is a true-blue Daddy's girl!

In the morning, we would walk J to the MRT station and on our way back, we would drop by the community park for her to soak up some sun :) 

It is also around this time that Maddie started to appreciate moving objects. Hence, we got her this infant-to-toddler rocker. It comes with a removable toy bar and a musical flower so it's perfect for baby's sensory development. And of course, I loved it more because it's pink! :D

Our cutie pie with the other stuff that we bought that day. Having a baby girl gave me more reasons to shop for anything pink! Weeeee! :)

That sums up Maddie's second month happenings. Up next, her baptism here in Singapore! Stay tuned!

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