Aug 12, 2015

Continuing the Challenge 4 Years After: Day 66 to 75

I've always wanted to continue this 100 Day Photo Challenge. Funny because when I checked my archives, I first wrote about it August of 2011! It's been 4 years and still not done! Hahaha.

Now please indulge me as I try to finish what I started, just for the heck of it ;)

Day 66 - A picture of you in the air

June 2011 | Bantayan Island, Cebu

Day 67 - A picture of you showing off your talent

I honestly don't have a talent so here I'm just showing you something that I made out of sheer luck (in Tagalog, "tsamba". Hahaha.) But yes, I've been into baking in the past year and this is one of the very few outputs that I'm proud of. I made it for Maddie's 9th Month Birthday. Maybe I should tell you more about my baking adventures soon :D

Day 68 - A picture of you outside

May 2015 | Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Day 69 - A picture of a crazy night out

October 2010 | Puerto Galera, Mindoro
Craziest night of my life. Ever. Please don't ask why. But to give you an idea, one of my friends, Jaq (she's the one beside me in the photo), wrote something about this here.

Day 70 - A picture of someone you don't go a day without talking to

July 2015 | My Husband on his big 3-0! :)

Day 71 - A picture of you with people you work with

July 2015 | Raffles Place, Singapore.
1 team, 10 nationalities. The most diverse team I've ever been part of but also the most talented, fun, genuine bunch. I miss these guys :')

Day 72 - A picture of you with unbelievable scenery

June 2013 | Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.
It's a bit foggy when we went there but still, it is an amazing view. The mountains meeting the concrete jungle. It is a must-see, really.

Day 73 - A picture of you somewhere warm

June 2012 | Siloso Beach, Singapore.

Day 74 - A picture taken professionally

December 2014 | Manila
Maddie's Pre-birthday Shoot (more on that soon :D)

Day 75 - A picture of you receiving a reward

February 2014 | Raffles Hospital, Singapore.
The day I received God's reward for all the good things I've done in my life :') 
Oh, please excuse my just-pushed-a-baby-out-of-me face. Haha.

25 to go! I'm hopeful that I'll finish this soon, or at least before 2015 ends! ;)

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