Jul 12, 2015

Maddie Moments: Maddie's Chinese Name

I have a Singaporean then-officemate who is very fond of Maddie. She liked it when I told her that she is Maddie's "fairy Godmother" and true to that name, she would always give Maddie presents just because.

Friends, meet Maddie's Aunty Adeline :-)

Of all the things she gave our little girl, my favorite is her Chinese name. Yes, Maddie has a Chinese name! Here it is...

Since Madison is a Western name, Adeline instead picked a Chinese name that resembles Jayanne and has a nice meaning, too! According to her, Jia means "additional happiness" while Ying means "luster of a gem". And that's exactly what Maddie is to us! Jhay and I were happy then but when Maddie came, it was a different level of happiness altogether! Spending each day with her is just bliss. Seeing her smile, playing with her, watching her grow and calling her ours... Oh, what an honor to have been entrusted by the Lord with a lustrous gem!

One day, Maddie will learn the Chinese language, or at least how to write her name! :D

Thank you, Aunty Adeline! What a wonderful, unique gift this is!

Maddie and Adeline, 1 year later :)

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