Jul 6, 2013

And I Said I Do!

Yes friends, I am a missus now! :)

We had a civil wedding ceremony last June 4th, coinciding with our 8th Anniversary as boyfriend-girlfriend. The number 8 has always been synonymous to infinity - something that never ends - so we figured it's the perfect time for us to finally tie the knot. And as most of you may not know, Jhay and I started out only as textmates in a group messaging circle called Infinity Clan. Nice no? ;-)

And if you're wondering why we suddenly got hitched... for the record, I am not pregnant! Mukha lang, pero hindi! Hahaha. I dunno -- It's just one random night over Skype that we decided we are taking the plunge. There was no formal proposal, because he pops the question all the time. We just felt that we wanted to settle down already. To begin a life together. And to finally be called man and wife :)

I guess this line from When Harry Met Sally says it all:
"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody,
you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

All the preparations were last minute. We finalized our marriage license only 4 days before the event. We bought our rings the next morning, and scoured the mall for our outfits the day after. We booked the solemnizing officer a day prior. But despite the rush, I am happy that it still turned out lovely and intimate as we wanted it to be.

Here are some of the wedding details:

Our DIY Wedding Invite :D
The first page showcases our photos through the years.

We commissioned a photographer friend, Keanne, to capture the moment, and as expected she did a great job! Raw pa yan ha... :)

Let me show you some of the best shots from the event. Warning: Medyo madami ;)

My Groom :)


Pre-nuptial photos, literally! lol

Can I just say that I soooo love this candid shot?

Aaaaand we're man and wife!

Our witnesses - people who have really been there for us eversince.

My Family... Ang gaganda ng sisters ko, muntik na akong kabog-in! (Yes, "muntik" lang :P)

Jhay's family

With our parents... Syempre kasama si dad :)

When we we're officially welcomed as Mr. and Mrs. Hipolito

My mom's message... As expected, she made all of us cry... It was hard not having dad with us anymore on this very special day but I know he is happy for me and Jhay. That I am sure because he gave us his blessing when I dreamt of him once :')

Hon's parents giving us words of wisdom. Bilin ng dad nya never to go to sleep with an argument unsettled. And his mom? Ang gusto lang daw nya ay babaeng apo! Haha!

Haley saying grace :')

Chow time!

Some more candid shots! I luurv!

Us while watching the AVP that my girlfriends prepared.

He just had to be part of my wedding :')

And now with family and closest friends...

Jhay's side

My side of the family #1

My side of the family #2 (hehe.. 2 talaga ang akin eh no :P)

And of course, our dearest friends.
My girlfriends, they were the ones who have truly seen our love blossomed.
(top right) Mike, the only representative of our SG family. Thank you Mike for sneaking out of the office for this. Hehe
(bottom left) Nikka, my trusty HMUA. Never fails to make me even more beautiful (ehem!)

You see, way before we were sure about each other, Jaq was sure she wanted to do a speech on our wedding day. Wish granted! :D
(bottom left) Jhay's older brother telling me to come to him pag inaway ako ng kapatid nya... and he'll throw him out the window. Hahaha!

The ceremonial cutting of the cake and toast

And have I told you that it was also my momma's birthday that day? Triple celebration! :)

So there you have it! The end of our pa-tweetums stage and the beginning of a lifetime commitment to love, loyalty and marital bliss.

To infinity and beyond! 


Feb 24, 2013

Well hello there, 2013!

My first post for 2013. Five months of hiatus. How pathetic is that? As usual, I'm pre-occupied with work and the holiday rush (last year!) and then moving out of the old house and moving in to the new one and Jhay coming over again and [insert all other excuses here] but hey, I truly, madly, deeply miss blogging. So here's another attempt to get my writing mojo back and I beg you, Universe, to give me more free time to sustain it. Pretty please with cherry, chocolate chips and candy sprinkles on top? ;-)

Also as usual, please allow me to try to finish something I started way, way back -- the 100-day Picture Challenge, that is -- because it's the easiest way to start things up again, and to share the past few months of my life bit by bit. Shall I start? :)

Day 56 - A picture of you all bundled up

Sorry I have never been to a winter-y city yet so this is the most bundled up that I have ever been. Haha! Photo taken in the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet last December. In fairness naman it's cold there though the bonnet is for picture purposes only :P

Day 57 - A picture of you in your backyard

Another apology 'coz our house in Manila and here in Singapore both don't have backyards so let me just share my photo in this big, big backyard of strawberries up north. We went to Baguio after Christmas and I'm so happy about this trip because it's the first time that I was able to bring my whole family somewhere far from Manila, all on me. I felt kasi na Jhay and I have been exploring other countries na when I can't even bring my Mom and the kids out of town. Seeing them enjoying the sights and the climate is just priceless. Only I wish Dad were still with us to make the vacation perfect.

Day 58 - A picture of your hair all done

Rarely do I get my hair all done so this is from 7 years ago pa - my 18th birthday celebration. I loved what the HMUA did to my hair (pardon the grainy close-up shot though, a camera phone was all I have then! haha) except that we didn't have enough time to curl the ends. And omg, look at those arms! I know it's big already but looking at my arms now makes me realize that I really have grown bigger since I started working :(((

Day 59 - A picture of you at your graduation

I miss my dad so much. Now I'm anxious about reaching another milestone in my life because I'm sure it'll feel incomplete without him to share it with :'(

Day 60 - A picture of you at a sports game

On Jhay's birthday two years ago I surprised him with tickets to see his all-time favorite basketball team Ginebra. Of course it wasn't his first time to see them play live but he was so happy that day because he's been wanting to watch them with me. In fairness, it was super fun! I am not a Ginebra fan but seeing him cheer his heart out instantly turned me into one. I'd do that again any given day! :D

Day 61 - A picture of you at the mall

At ION Orchard, one of Singapore's premiere shopping centers. Nahiya naman yung Charles and Keith paper bags ko sa brands sa likod ko! Haha!

Day 62 - A picture of you on a ride

Perfectly-timed shot by Jhay. That's me on the Battlestar Galactica at the Universal Studios Singapore. Holding on for dear life, literally. Lol!

Day 63 - A picture of your luggage

I used to wonder why most luggage are black or brown or navy blue until I saw this pretty orange luggage of mine in the carousel all covered in mud splats after a rainy departure from Manila. Lesson learned the hard way, eh?

Day 64 - A picture of you at work

I wish we can work wearing something like this every day. Haha. Unfortunately, shorts are only allowed on weekends.

Day 65 - A picture of you at a park

When I was little, I have a pink and purple bicycle I would go round and round on it until I'm tired and sweaty. Of course I'm hungry too so I'll park the bike on the sidewalk, take my Hello Panda and bottled water out of the basket in front and eat to my tummy's content. Ah, childhood memories. All those I got to relive one holiday afternoon at SG's East Coast Park. Good thing I still know how to bike!

35 photos left! I can do this! Hope I can also find the time to share with you our new house and let you in on a virtual tour of my humble room. And all our SG adventures as well!

And even if this is a bit late, Happy Happy New Year! (kakatapos lang naman ng CNY eh :P)

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