Sep 14, 2012


Very rarely do I get the chance to say this so indulge me...

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I'm ecstatic because tomorrow is one of those few Saturdays that we are not reporting for work. The past 3 weeks have been really really stressful so I didn't have time to blog. I have a lot of stories piling up again! I've been aching to write so I swear this weekend I'm gonna make time for at least two posts :D

Another thing that made me happy today (or yesterday, technically) is that I've already booked my December flights! Yay! Airline tickets cost a fortune during holidays but what the heck, I am sooooo coming home for Christmas! As one station ID goes, Da Best ang Pasko ng Pilipino... di ba? :D Although truth be told I'm anxious cause it's the first Christmas that we don't have Dad with us anymore but I'll cross the bridge when I get there.

One more reason I am hyped is because J is visiting me again in 8 days! ^_^ He'll be staying here for a couple of weeks and we're spending 2 days in Malaysia. I've also booked our hotel an hour ago and by the looks of it, I might just lounge around all day and forget the rest of our activities (just like what happened when during our Indonesia trip). Haha! I'm crossing my fingers that we get to enjoy what KL has to offer. After all, it's a new country to explore, new memories to cherish and new adventure to share with all of you. Can hardly wait! ;-)

Okay, I know this post doesn't have even the tiniest sense of cohesion but maybe all I wanted to say is that I'm happy and thankful that it's Friday already. Whatever it is that you're doing this weekend, I hope you'll have an awesome time. And if not, I hope this can make you feel at least a wee bit better :D ---

My days get really rough  but one press on my phone does the trick. Every. Single. Time :-)

Have a rockin' weekend, y'all!

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