Aug 6, 2012

Weekend Shopping

The obvious advantage of working in SG is that I earn more and for that I couldn't be more grateful especially since I am already my family's bread winner now. And because it's emotionally tough working overseas, I (and my friends and my officemates and probably every OFW the world over) find ways to make life a wee bit happier. And yes, shopping is one of them :) We need to reward ourselves every so often naman di ba? :-D

So friends, allow me to share with you my weekend buys:

Friday after work, I and a couple of friends headed to one of the shops in Orchard Road to get myself a new bag. I've been looking for the perfect black bag but I always end up getting a different color. With this pretty blue, I guess the perfect black would have to wait :D

They say a girl can't have too many shoes. I say... yeah! ;-P

I remember telling you that we live right across a mall and you know how dangerous that is for women, right? Double the hazard when there's a sale! Hahaha

I am in desperate need of open-toed footwear coz I miss showing off my nail polish! Haha!
Seriously though, my feet need to breathe especially on Casual Fridays :)

If I remember it right, I have read from another blog that Vincci is the Singapore/Malaysia counterpart of our VNC. The brand is more affordable here, but this one isn't exactly cheap, considering that there's a sale, but I swear it's the comfiest shoes in the world! Pikit-mata nalang at the cashier :P

When I was in the Philippines I am fond of wearing heels but when I got here, I got used to wearing flats because the convenience of MRT also meant a lot of walking everyday. I loved this pink and black pair the first time I saw it. It's simple but it fits my feet to a T.

Now let me end this post with something that I found outside a shoe store in ION Orchard mall. I think it's cute!

Are you, too? ;-)

Cheers to life's little pleasures!


  1. Nung nagpunta ako sa ION Orchard, wala akong nabili. Feeling ko parang Rockwell siya ng Pinas. Hihi! :)

    1. yup yung mga upper levels puro high-end brands.. pero sa basement 1-4 meron namang pang-masa.. ;-)

  2. *apir* we both love shoes...I'm a shoepaholic too!

    1. *apir* :D

      Here's to more shoe-shopping! :)


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