Aug 9, 2012

'Pinas Vacation Day 1 aka J's 27th

Two Fridays ago was the 27th birthday of my J and I most definitely wouldn't miss that for the world! I left SG at 2AM of July 27 and made it to PH 4 hours later.

My ticket to 3 days of bliss :-)

I so love coming home. It's a feeling like no other. Finally spending time with the people you love after 2 or 3 months of physical absence -- it's just priceless. I can still remember J's hello kiss that morning! And Haley's welcome embrace! Oh there really is no place like home :-)

I promised her I'd buy her an iPad if she takes home 30 3-stars from school in 30 days. She did it with flying colors! And can you see how happy she was when she got hold of it? It got me thinking she actually fetched the iPad from the airport and not me. Hahaha.

Apart from J and my family, it's Pinoy food that I miss most. The crispylicious goodness of Chickenjoy is something that I really look forward to so we waited no longer and grabbed a bucket for breakfast. Then we headed home to greet the rest of my relatives, distribute the pasalubongs and take a quick rest before we venture into my jampacked vacay Day 1.

 [L] Haley with her all her pasalubong.
[R] Candid shot of the two loves of my life. Looking at them like that warms my heart.

Because I've been missing a lot of our princess' nursery adventures, I made it a point to include bringing her to school in my itinerary.

She really is a big girl now! That's her in school with me and her teachers :-)

Then we went straight to J's Marikina home to deliver the LED TV that he bought here. If you're asking why I was the one who brought it to PH, it's because tourists are charged taxes and levies in Philippine Customs while OFWs (that's me! :P) are entitled to bring in one appliance of every kind provided that it's used. And yes, it's duty-free! How cool is that? ^^,

Happy that it worked despite the buzz that TVs bought outside the country might not be programmed for the TV system in the Philippines. Oh btw, please excuse their old TV rack. Haha! They got rid of that and mounted it on the wall instead ;-)

And finally... the most important part of the day -- Hon's Birthday Celebration! :D

I bought the shirt that he's wearing here a few hours before my flight. Considering that it's a rush purchase, I think I did a pretty good job! Perfect fit! :)

Pinoy food is just love.
The three dishes (excluding the pork barbeque) were his mom's cooking - my favorite being the one in the biggest frame. I don't know what it's called, but it's chicken with hotdog and liver spread and tomato sauce and pickles. Yummy!

We also dropped by Tita Meg's house to say hi and much to my delight, there's  more scrumptious food. And another cake for the birthday boy :-)

Oh Mango Bravo, I miss you already!

In the pursuit of making the most of my day 1, we also got ourselves a foot spa and pedicure because our feet have not been pampered for ages!

[upper left] I bought us a matching watch in Bugis Street -- Singapore's bargain shopping haven. Would you believe a piece only costs 10 SGD (330php)?
[upper right] Picture-picture while our feet are treated with TLC
[lower right] how I love that shade of blue!
[lower left] But I love this man more 

We were both tired as hell after all our activities so we capped the day off with a quiet just-the-two-of-us evening. We talked and cuddled and made up for all the lovin' that we missed and really, I wouldn't want to end his birthday any other way.


  1. I sensed your desire to make up for the lost times with your family. May be next time you can bring them to SG. Love and all success to you and your family!

    1. I thought of that, too! Probably when we get extended until 2013 :)

      Thanks littleyana! God bless! ^^,

  2. oh this is sweet. so happy for you and your sweet reunion with your baby and husband, and yup that cake is my fave too. it melts easy kaya ubos dapat agad. so don't blame me, blame the cake. heehee.

    i wish you more vacations like this.


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