Aug 26, 2012

Day 51 - 55

Day 51 - A picture of you wearing sunglasses

Taken a few days ago at East Coast Park where I and my SG friends bonded over barbeque and bike rides.

Day 52 - A picture of you dressed up

At Century Park Hotel for my sister's awarding.
Funny because I took the effort to dress up for the event but it turned out that only the awardees are called up the stage and I will only be her photographer. Okay, that makes me the prettiest photog in there! LOL!

Day 53 - A picture of you in a car

I have a lot of in-a-car pictures more decent-looking than this but I cannot not share this with you.
Look at Haley in the background! Naughty little girl! :D

Day 54 - A picture of you on your last vacation

My last vacation, as I've told you, was last July when I went home for J's birthday. Another thing I was looking forward to on that vacation was getting to visit Dad.

Day 55 - A picture of you with a date

A quick lunch date at Bintan, Indonesia on the very day of our Seventh Anniversary.
How I miss going out on a date with J! September 22 come sooner! :D
*yes, he's going to SG again! ^^,*

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