Aug 26, 2012

Day 51 - 55

Day 51 - A picture of you wearing sunglasses

Taken a few days ago at East Coast Park where I and my SG friends bonded over barbeque and bike rides.

Day 52 - A picture of you dressed up

At Century Park Hotel for my sister's awarding.
Funny because I took the effort to dress up for the event but it turned out that only the awardees are called up the stage and I will only be her photographer. Okay, that makes me the prettiest photog in there! LOL!

Day 53 - A picture of you in a car

I have a lot of in-a-car pictures more decent-looking than this but I cannot not share this with you.
Look at Haley in the background! Naughty little girl! :D

Day 54 - A picture of you on your last vacation

My last vacation, as I've told you, was last July when I went home for J's birthday. Another thing I was looking forward to on that vacation was getting to visit Dad.

Day 55 - A picture of you with a date

A quick lunch date at Bintan, Indonesia on the very day of our Seventh Anniversary.
How I miss going out on a date with J! September 22 come sooner! :D
*yes, he's going to SG again! ^^,*

Aug 19, 2012

I Just Realized...

Truly, a Dad's love is insurmountable but i'm lucky being with someone
who loves our little girl almost as much.

Happy Sunday, everyone! :)

P.S. That's Dad's motorcycle and I know he's smiling from up there because J's taking good care of it.

P.P.S. Haley doesn't back-ride alone -- Mom's there to hold her. Also, J is a responsible driver and their destination is only less than a kilometer :)

Father's Love

I saw this video from Ms. Patty of NON.STOP.BABBLE and from the first few notes of the song alone, I knew it will make me cry a river.

For this song, beautiful is an understatement. I love how Bob Carlisle articulates the feelings of a father (Butterfly Kisses, and then this one) and I love the raw emotions Gary V. put in his version. I've watched it for the nth time and tears would still fall. How I really truly badly miss my dad.

Thank you, dad. Twenty-three years may be too short but you were nothing short of a loving father.

Aug 9, 2012

'Pinas Vacation Day 1 aka J's 27th

Two Fridays ago was the 27th birthday of my J and I most definitely wouldn't miss that for the world! I left SG at 2AM of July 27 and made it to PH 4 hours later.

My ticket to 3 days of bliss :-)

I so love coming home. It's a feeling like no other. Finally spending time with the people you love after 2 or 3 months of physical absence -- it's just priceless. I can still remember J's hello kiss that morning! And Haley's welcome embrace! Oh there really is no place like home :-)

I promised her I'd buy her an iPad if she takes home 30 3-stars from school in 30 days. She did it with flying colors! And can you see how happy she was when she got hold of it? It got me thinking she actually fetched the iPad from the airport and not me. Hahaha.

Apart from J and my family, it's Pinoy food that I miss most. The crispylicious goodness of Chickenjoy is something that I really look forward to so we waited no longer and grabbed a bucket for breakfast. Then we headed home to greet the rest of my relatives, distribute the pasalubongs and take a quick rest before we venture into my jampacked vacay Day 1.

 [L] Haley with her all her pasalubong.
[R] Candid shot of the two loves of my life. Looking at them like that warms my heart.

Because I've been missing a lot of our princess' nursery adventures, I made it a point to include bringing her to school in my itinerary.

She really is a big girl now! That's her in school with me and her teachers :-)

Then we went straight to J's Marikina home to deliver the LED TV that he bought here. If you're asking why I was the one who brought it to PH, it's because tourists are charged taxes and levies in Philippine Customs while OFWs (that's me! :P) are entitled to bring in one appliance of every kind provided that it's used. And yes, it's duty-free! How cool is that? ^^,

Happy that it worked despite the buzz that TVs bought outside the country might not be programmed for the TV system in the Philippines. Oh btw, please excuse their old TV rack. Haha! They got rid of that and mounted it on the wall instead ;-)

And finally... the most important part of the day -- Hon's Birthday Celebration! :D

I bought the shirt that he's wearing here a few hours before my flight. Considering that it's a rush purchase, I think I did a pretty good job! Perfect fit! :)

Pinoy food is just love.
The three dishes (excluding the pork barbeque) were his mom's cooking - my favorite being the one in the biggest frame. I don't know what it's called, but it's chicken with hotdog and liver spread and tomato sauce and pickles. Yummy!

We also dropped by Tita Meg's house to say hi and much to my delight, there's  more scrumptious food. And another cake for the birthday boy :-)

Oh Mango Bravo, I miss you already!

In the pursuit of making the most of my day 1, we also got ourselves a foot spa and pedicure because our feet have not been pampered for ages!

[upper left] I bought us a matching watch in Bugis Street -- Singapore's bargain shopping haven. Would you believe a piece only costs 10 SGD (330php)?
[upper right] Picture-picture while our feet are treated with TLC
[lower right] how I love that shade of blue!
[lower left] But I love this man more 

We were both tired as hell after all our activities so we capped the day off with a quiet just-the-two-of-us evening. We talked and cuddled and made up for all the lovin' that we missed and really, I wouldn't want to end his birthday any other way.

Day 46 - 50

I'm half way through the challenge! After 10,000 years! ;-P

Day 46 - A picture that you edited

Photo editing is not one of my talents so please bear with this photo that i tweaked using Picasa.
Actually I was just looking for a way to tell you that I am already up to date with my One-Book-A-Month project! :) This was given by a dear friend last Monday as a belated birthday gift. I so love her! ^^,

Day 47 - A picture of your favorite animal

The proximity of dogs and cats makes me shriek so the closest thing I got to having a favorite animal was when I was a little girl taking care of about 3 pet fish in a small aquarium. Pathetic.

Day 48 - A picture of you more than 10 years ago

Taken on one of the many Christmases when I was dressed like a doll ^^,

Day 49 - A picture of you and your best friend

Against the light but I still think we're pretty here ;-)

Day 50 - A picture of yourself

This photo was taken just 2 days ago and yeah I am showing off my new dress! I love it that our office here is more corporate in terms of attire so it gives me a chance to dress up :-)
Btw, I think this is the first time I have showed you our home -- or at least a corner of it! Haha! I'll post more pics soon, when it's much more cleaner and clutter-free.


Aug 6, 2012

Weekend Shopping

The obvious advantage of working in SG is that I earn more and for that I couldn't be more grateful especially since I am already my family's bread winner now. And because it's emotionally tough working overseas, I (and my friends and my officemates and probably every OFW the world over) find ways to make life a wee bit happier. And yes, shopping is one of them :) We need to reward ourselves every so often naman di ba? :-D

So friends, allow me to share with you my weekend buys:

Friday after work, I and a couple of friends headed to one of the shops in Orchard Road to get myself a new bag. I've been looking for the perfect black bag but I always end up getting a different color. With this pretty blue, I guess the perfect black would have to wait :D

They say a girl can't have too many shoes. I say... yeah! ;-P

I remember telling you that we live right across a mall and you know how dangerous that is for women, right? Double the hazard when there's a sale! Hahaha

I am in desperate need of open-toed footwear coz I miss showing off my nail polish! Haha!
Seriously though, my feet need to breathe especially on Casual Fridays :)

If I remember it right, I have read from another blog that Vincci is the Singapore/Malaysia counterpart of our VNC. The brand is more affordable here, but this one isn't exactly cheap, considering that there's a sale, but I swear it's the comfiest shoes in the world! Pikit-mata nalang at the cashier :P

When I was in the Philippines I am fond of wearing heels but when I got here, I got used to wearing flats because the convenience of MRT also meant a lot of walking everyday. I loved this pink and black pair the first time I saw it. It's simple but it fits my feet to a T.

Now let me end this post with something that I found outside a shoe store in ION Orchard mall. I think it's cute!

Are you, too? ;-)

Cheers to life's little pleasures!

Aug 1, 2012

Starting Half Way Through the Year

Do you still remember my too-early New Year's Resolution post? Finally, I am starting it! :D

Well technically, I've been doing the "reading" part since I started the highly-addictive Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (I'm on the second book now! ^^,) but the "collecting of real books" part I have only started when my girlfriends gave me these for my birthday (thanks, girls!) ---

I've already read Tuesdays with Morrie but I plan on reading it again. The other three I have yet to indulge. Because I said "one book a month," this will suffice for January to April and I'm planning to get the FSG set on paperback within the week. That makes me up to date with my 2012 resolution! Yay!

This book collection thing is getting me really excited! I'm eyeing the Coelho 12-book set that I recently saw in a bookstore, more of Albom and Sparks and Brown and then some Sophie Kinsella chick lit and the Hunger Games trilogy! So many good books, so little time! ;-)

Any more suggestions on great reads? Let me know in the comments box! ^^,

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