Dec 19, 2011

Day 29 aka Our Christmas Tree! ^^,

If there is a "Blogger with the Most Backlogs" title, I'm definitely one of the toughest forces to reckon with. Haha. Seriously, I have a loooooooot of stuff to share but I haven't gotten a lot of time! I wish I could just stay at home and blog the holidays away but you know, with the Christmas rush and all the work-related tasks that needs to be done, that is just impossible.

Okay, I digress. Back to the challenge now. I still think this picture is that which always makes me smile but because it already has its own post, I'm picking this one instead:

I have always wanted a pretty tree and finally, wish granted.
Btw, we chose pink and violet because it's my and Haley's favorite color!

Yes, looking at our Christmas Tree makes me smile these days. It makes me feel that Christmas is really just around the corner (6 days left, my goodness!). I have my Tita Antin to thank for this -- we shouldn't be putting up a tree this year but she gave in to my little wish and we went all the way to Divisoria to buy the entire set. And because caring is sharing, I'm giving you a closer look at the ornaments and a run down of the costs.

The tree itself is of Scotch Pine variant (they have what they call the Monterey variant but it's much pricier, like in the 3k range). It's 5 feet tall at Php1000. That's our lead decorator right there. Haha.

The pink Christmas balls cost Php 160 per canister of 20 (or 24? I forgot!). It comes in 3 finishes: matte (the one in the photo), glossy and glittery.

The medium-sized poinsettias cost PhP 120 per dozen. We got two. A dozen was put in the mesh ribbon (as shown) while the another dozen was scattered all around the tree.

The mesh ribbon made of Sinamay is the modern-day garland. I think it's more beautiful and classy! We got ours in cream and gold but there are other colors available at PhP250 per pack. The vendor volunteered to tie it into bows for us free-of-charge (or not! haha), and it made 11 ribbons.

The LED lights cost Php180 per box of 100 lights. We got two but a box is enough for a 5-foot tree. It's a little more pricey than the ordinary ones but according to the vendor, it doesn't overheat even if you leave it on over the night so it's safer. Ours is white but like the ribbons, it has other colors as well.

Our angel tree topper is soooo pretty and perfect for our motif! It's at Php150 only! :)

Et voila! Our 2011 Christmas Tree with our little girl too happy for words :-)

I'm not sure if what we got are the cheapest there is in Divisoria but it's definitely a far cry from the overpriced ones in the malls! Here, I did the math for you ^_^

Add Php30 for the salesgayguy's talent fee. Yes, may TF! But since it's Christmas, pagbigyan na. Haha!

There, you've seen our humble tree and how much it takes to get one. All items are bought at Tabora Street in Divisoria, Manila. Click here for the map :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. pretty christmas tree, maude! loving the purple colors:)

    visit my fashion blog with my sisters too and maybe we can keep in touch via gfc:)


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