Nov 6, 2011

My Pretty Little Ladybug

Days before the Scarefest, Haley would cry as I leave the house because she wanna come with me to the office already. So when the day came, words just can't describe how happy and excited she is!

(L) When we bought her costume, we're no longer after what's spooky or one-of-a-kind. We looked for what's comfortable for an almost-3-year-old and something that will fit her to a T.
(R) We succeeded, yes? :D

Let me do it a la fashion blogger, just because. Haha!

Dress, wings* and crown set from SM Dept. Store at PhP 430 (less 10% coz they're on sale)
*Mom tweaked the wings a bit because it's too plain for her liking. She added the red lining, that's PhP 10/yard from Carolina's :)
Black stockings from SM Dept. Store at PhP 150 (less 10% also)
Black shoes from Carriedo Shopping Arcade at PhP 150 (talk about wise spending! :P)
Skirted Trick or Treat bucket from SM also at PhP 100.

For only 800 bucks, achieve na achieve, di ba?

When we got to the office, as expected, my pretty little ladybug was a scene stealer! ^_^ Everyone walks up to her just to say hi or have a picture taken. Here are my 3 favorite shots of the day:

They stayed at the pantry while waiting for the program to begin. And of course, took pictures (the two shots above are taken there as well).

Haley with our cousin Jaren. Jaren's kuya also works in Headstrong :)

Here's Haley with our beautiful momma!

Then we went around the Angry Birds area for more photo opps:

Soooooooo charming!
I told you, kids loved our theme so whether we bag the award or not, we're still winners :)

I just had to pose with King Pig.

And Ate Junie, too!

The astronaut and the fairy are siblings. I love it when I hear them talk cause they speak very fluent English. I swear my kids will be like them! Haha!

I won't miss a photo with this blue bird, inside the makeshift iPod. Funny thing is that you have to guide him around cause he's blind. They forgot to create a hole in the costume for his eyes! Hahaha.

Finally, the program started. First, they gathered the kids in the conference room for some snacks and film showing.

 Watching Spongebob Squarepants while munching on chicken lollipops (she had 4!)

Oh, here's another winner shot of moi! That's our little celebrity enjoying the attention of the paparazzi! ;P

After the mini fashion show, the main event was next... Trick or Treat!

 Haley and Jaren all set to get heaps of candies and chocolates.

 Love this candid shot!

 I had to include the 2 photos above (even if they're blurred) cause it captured Haley's experience trick or treating.

 Her bucket is getting heavy but the show must go on! Haha.

 Somewhere along the tour we saw her Ninang Jejo waiting for her to pass by :-)
Oh, do visit Jejo's blog - she's got some great stories and photos to share as well!

 Haley with the Queen and her lady royals.

 At the queen's garden.

 With the lady pirate and their treasure chest! :-)

 Haley and Junie at Hogwarts.

And lastly, Haley getting her treats from my very own team :-)

I was so proud of Haley because she was well-behaved the whole time. Some booths have zombies and ghosts and other spooky creatures -- she got scared but she didn't cry. She just closed her eyes and let me hold her hand until we're done. Good job, little girl!

Here she is at my cube - tired but would still smile for the camera. I trained her that way. Haha.

Oh yes, I deserve that tight hug! ^_^

And what better way to end the night than to dine at the kids' place-to-be -- Jollibee! :)

One last shot before going home -- right at the middle of one of Makati's busiest streets. Haha.

Dear Headstrong folks,

Thanks a lot for the awesome Halloween event!
Looking forward to next year's! :)

Little Ms. Ladybug

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