Nov 6, 2011

Ham 'o' Ween at Work

If there's one thing that I love about the company that I currently work for, its the Scarefest -- that day once a year when employees pour out their creative juices dressing up their work stations while kids close to their hearts get to visit in their cutest costumes to go trick or treating. It was one event everyone in the office looks forward to because we get to set aside work even just a few hours and bond with our families and co-workers for some Halloween fun.

You see, my team's been holding the Best Scarefest Zone title for the past two years. That means we're vying for a grand slam this 2011. And guess what theme we did?

Yes, it's Angry Birds no less! :)

I admit, it's kinda overused already but it was a hit to the kids! Unlike the other zones, the little boys and girls enjoyed roaming around our area, with eyes open and smiles wide. They goofed around and took pictures with the iconic Ham o' ween tree, King Pig, and of course, our life-size slingshot! :)

We don't settle for less so our birds are 3D! That meant large balloons as mold and layers and layers of paper and glue, and then some paint after! The production wasn't easy but let's just call it labor of love :)

My most favorite bird of them all. I lurrrrve how "angry" it is. Haha.

And to complete the peg, we covered the facade with some japanese paper and cutouts of black trees, pigs and pumpkins!

Hang some cobwebs for that Halloween effect.
By the way, thanks K for the pics!

Oh, let's not forget "THE" banner.

This baby was made by yours truly ^_^

For the treats, I have to say thank God for Divi land! We got Angry Birds balloons, erasers, keychains, pins and stress balls which all made the children giddy!

 The colorful birds lined up to welcome the guests :)
The balls doubled as eggs in the huge nest.
And the human birds were there to protect the eggs. Cute, no? :D

All these were made possible through the efforts of the TLX Creative League:

The rose among the thorns, Ms. Anne, spearheaded the group.
Wait, why am I not in the picture?!?!

Oh, I remember! Blame it on this little ladybug! ^_^

With a kiddo as cute as her, who can resist being a stage sister? :D

I have a lot of adorable pictures to share so I'm saving them for another post. Stay tuned!

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