Oct 13, 2011

Thanks Crickette!

I work on night shift this week because I'm on the last few days of my project (I made it! Yay! :D) and honestly, I am enjoying it. For some reasons, I am more productive in the wee hours and when I get home, I recharge until mid-afternoon and still get some me-time before going to work again. 

And then this afternoon, while spending my lull time, I got all giddy when this arrived at our doorstep:

Well it wasn't really a surprise because Crickette of The Drama Queen Can Tell Stories e-mailed us that she'll be shipping the prize anytime last week but usually, someone else at home receives deliveries on my behalf. This time, I personally got the package and it was pure delight! ^_^

It should have been just Nivea products (for the record, I've been using the brand for years!) but since Crix is a dentist, she threw in some tubes of toothpaste and bottles of mouthwash, too. Thanks mucho, Doc! :D

Happy Thursday everyone!


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