Oct 23, 2011


I've been feeling blue the entire week (#pleasedontaskmewhy) and today I've come to my senses. Happiness is a choice, and if I choose to lock myself up in my room and wallow in sad thoughts, I'll lose what could have been a great weekend. So I picked myself up and headed to a place where girls get their much-needed pampering... the neighborhood salon! I'm not so hard to please, you know! :)

It's a Sunday so as expected I had to queue, especially because I wanted a particular nail technician (naks!) to do my foot spa + pedicure. I was told to wait about 1 hour so I thought I'll grab a drink at a nearby Starbucks. I love HSBC for the free tall drink for every PhP2000 spend but I love it more now that they allow upgrades!

Java Chip never fails to brighten my day :)
Add PhP15 to upgrade to grande and Php30 for venti. Not bad, right?
HSBC and SB, let's have this instant reward forever, please? ^_^

With my refreshing drink, I went back to the salon and waited patiently. After about an hour and a half (I'm in a good mood so yeah, I waited that long!), my feet are in for a treat. Soak, file like there's no tomorrow, scrub, pedicure then massage -- aaaaaaaahhhh, I so deserve this!

Okay I know I don't have the prettiest feet but I just wanna show you my nails!
Red is just perfect for this feel-good Sunday, don't you think? :)

Today's lesson: Be happy, you owe it to yourself. I know a drink and a spa ain't gonna fill in that missing piece deep inside but it's a good start.

Here's to a beautiful week ahead!


  1. natuloy ke pele... sen ke negpespe? :)

  2. Yes labs, sa F Salon sa vito cruz :)

  3. You have the most PERFECT,PRETTIEST feet that I've ever seen.

  4. wow, i want to believe that, jgroove! haha! thanks!

  5. I think your feet are lovely. Hope you feel better cause better days will come.


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