Oct 21, 2011

Day 17 - A picture of someone who has made a huge impact on your life recently

I was supposed to put a picture of Haley but it's so predictable, right? So I thought of this guy instead...

Friends, meet Jim, our team lead.
I personally took this photo for a company newsletter so I'm kinda proud if it.
It's post-worthy, yes? ;P

Career-wise, there's no one more fit for Day 17 than Jim. I learned a lot in the past year that I've been working with him and in the last few months, all the more that I was able to prove how great a leader he is.

I was recently assigned to a project in which I am the only resource doing QA. Being a junior, everyone doubted my capability but Jim believed in me. When we had a one-on-one talk, I had to look away because I don't want him to see that I was thisclose to tears while he's telling me he's certain that I can nail it. That confidence meant so much. That confidence convinced me that I'm actually better than what I think of myself.

In my book, what sets him apart is that he knows when to speak out and when to listen to what I have to say, when to intervene and when to step back to let me do my own thing. More than a mentor, he is a motivator. He inspires me to step up and outperform myself every single time.

"The reward for good work... is more work." -- I've seen my job in a whole new light since he told me that.

P.S. Jim, if you ever chance upon this (I hope not :P), sorry I put up your picture without letting you know. And thanks, if I haven't said it enough :D


  1. waaahhh!!! i like this!

    super like like like and million likes!!!


  2. hahaha.. thanks wendyll! ^_^

    pano ka napadpad dito? sana di matagpuan to ni boss no? :P


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