Sep 13, 2011

Sunday Lunch at YakiMIX

I loooooove weekends. I can list down lots of reasons to support that statement but perhaps there is one thing I don’t like about it – during weekends, it’s a struggle keeping up with the diet. Well, I admit that 4-letter word and I have a love-hate relationship but on Saturdays and Sundays, we are always always on the verge of breaking up. Hahaha.

Last Sunday was no exception. I was invited by tita-in-law for lunch to celebrate the 20th birthday of their unica hija.

Meet Mariz. I like her because she’s blessed but she stays simple and down-to-earth. I love her fashion sense too! We jive because we are both into all things girly – Forever21 and bottles of nail polish included :P

We ate at YakiMIX in Trinoma. I’ve been hearing good things about the buffet resto so I was really looking forward to trying it out.

It's located at the 4th level, near the cinema.

The queue was cuh-ray-zee! J and family arrived before 11 am but they we’re already 19th (yes, 19th!) on the waiting list. We were seated almost 1:30. Kaloka di ba? Lesson learned: Be there waaaaaay ahead of time to be able to eat lunch on time. Haha.

The interiors and overall feel of the place is very sosyal :-)
The down side is that since it's jampacked, it's gets a little noisy.

As soon as we’re settled, J went to the buffet table to get us some (raw) food. I’m a first timer in a resto with a grill-your-own-food setup so I had fun cooking some bacon, beef and chicken right at our table. BTW, the rolled bacon is delish!

Then J and I went to get cooked dishes. I must say the buffet area was huge and filled with an array of viands, different kinds of sushi, cold cuts and sinful desserts. I wanted to take pictures of each section but I was too hungry to bother. Hehe.

I was never a fan of Japanese cuisine (except tonkatsu and tempura) so my first set was a little boring. Oh speaking of tempura, I still think the one we had at a seaside resto is the best -- fresh, hot, crispy and the prawns are just soooo yummy! The one I had at YakiMIX wasn't as impressive to me (or maybe the ones that I got has been on the table for some time, I dunno).

My second set was mostly fatty food – chopped crispy pata (or a Japanese version of it which I enjoyed), more bacon, crabsticks, 1 little serving of pastry and a slice of cake – so I didn’t take a picture of it anymore.

I finished the meal with a bowl full of ice cream.
I told you, diet is completely forgotten that day.

Now on to some group shots :-)

When J saw this picture, he couldn't believe how much he's grown (weight-wise). Haha. Sorry babe, reality bites.

With the celebrant! I intended to post this on Sept. 12 (her real birthday) but it's past 12mn already so belated happy birthday, pretty girl!
And good luck on the upcoming CPA board! ^_^

I know I just said that I don't like blurred pictures but I just had to post this.
See how close I and MIL2B were?! It's one for the books! :P

 Mariz with her parents and some close family friends.

Bro-in-law, his wife and TJ (I owe that little guy a lot! Find out why here.)

I could've eaten more had MIL2B not been seated at the edge of the couch. It's dyahe to ask her to stand up just so that we can go for another round. Hahaha.

And here are some must-knows about the restaurant, should you wish to give it a try :-)

Overall, YakiMIX still gets my thumbs up (the tummy couldn't agree more). I'd love to be back, probably when it's just the two of us so that I can take a trip to the buffet table as often as I want. Hahaha ;-P


  1. We've been meaning to try Yakimix but the queue is always unbearable. I'm not that patient. Hehe! :p

  2. I'm kinda impatient too.. but since I'm technically just a guest (and the celebrant really wants to dine there), I have to join the waiting game.. haha!


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