Sep 6, 2011

Day 09 - A picture of what's in your bag

I, too, cannot believe that I can fit all those stuff inside my small bag.
Yes, I bring all those with me wherever I go.

Let's start.

Most of the weight of my bag is because of my wallet. I feel incomplete when I don't have it with me so I just don't mind its hugeness. I told you, red is slowly becoming a favorite :D

Second row from L-R: my tiny umbrella, 2 cologne atomizers (1 is VS Love Spell and the other is VS Secret Charm, I use them alternately),  loose powder, alcohol, my company ID, key with nailcutter keychain.

The floral purse is my vanity kit. It contains an eyeshadow palette, blush, compact mirror, eyelash curler, lip balm (I heart Carmex!), blush brush, liquid eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I don't put make-up on everyday, though. Only during special occasions or when I have time to fix myself (and almost always I don't).

Bottom row from L-R: Pocket tissue, wet wipes (I'm using Giggles ever since FashionPULIS advertised it. It's good!), an extra hanky, my phone's headset, tickler (where I write draft blogs when I want to pass time), a highlighter and 4 colored gel pens (I don't use the usual red, blue or black -- I'm maarte like that! hahaha).

Oh, I just realized that I forgot to take my comb out of the bag! Silly me!

Looking forward to seeing what's in your bag, too!


  1. is that elf eyeshadow? is it nice? I've been eye-ing that eyeshadow. :) followed u.

  2. Hi Elle!

    Yes, its elf :) I'm no make-up expert but based on my experience, it's pretty good :)

    Thanks for dropping by. Followed you back :)


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