Sep 13, 2011

Better Late than Never

I came home tonight and was pleasantly surprised with what's sitting in my bed:

Yay! ^_^

If you still remember, I posted about me winning this from Aryanna Epperson back in July. It took 2 months for it to arrive because apparently there have been problems with former couriers. Anyway, thanks to Aryanna and kudos to Paulo of Samsung PR dept. for getting in touch and constantly e-mailing to update me of the status. The best thing about it is that I know I was supposed to get only one USB bracelet but as their way compensating the delay, they sent me two! Awesome! :D


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog :) And by some odd chance, did you go to Malate Catholic School? :) I think we used to be schoolmates :)

  2. Yes, we were schoolmates! :)

    And we have a common friend, too! Keanne is my former office buddy.. Small world, eh? :)


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