Aug 20, 2011

Dear Lord...

This week has been a crazy ride, work-wise especially. I was given a task I'm not sure I can handle and at just about the same time I saw one great opportunity passed me by. I have to admit, Lord, that I felt downhearted. In fact, I still am downhearted, because that opportunity is one thing that I've always wanted. But it's gone and I know there's nothing more I can do.

Hence, what I ask of you now is an open mind and a brave heart to accept that life wouldn't always go my way. Help me keep in mind that despite the heartbreaks, You are there and You have perfect control of what's going on. Help me not to forget that when you take something away, it only means that you are preparing me for better things to come, things that I don't expect but deserve.

Lord, help me not to be jealous of the people around me because even if I feel that they're way luckier, they too have their own battles. Help me not to fret for not getting what I'm praying for, because not once have You said "No," just "Not now." Help me not to complain but to see things in a brighter perspective, to understand that this is not a misfortune rather a chance to prove my worth, a chance to step up, a chance to chase my dreams.

With this task at hand, bless me with knowledge to comprehend fully, patience to deal with difficulties, strength to overcome my fears and see myself how my colleagues see me: responsible, reliable and highly-capable. Give me an unwavering faith to hold on to the fact that one day all these are gonna pay off, and when that day comes I'll only be grateful that I didn't give up along the way.

All these I ask in the name of Jesus, my lead, my teammate, my guide and Savior. Amen.

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