Aug 31, 2011

Day 07 - A picture that makes you laugh

I've been looking for "it" for about a week now but there seem to be none in my digital files. That's when I remembered that there's actually a couple of printed photos that made me -- and my girlfriends even more! -- laugh till our stomachs hurt.

It was an ordinary sleepover here at home when my friends suddenly thought of digging into the family's photo albums. You see I was an only child for quite a long while so the old pictures from God-knows-how-many-years are mostly me, me and me. From the tons of prints, this one caught their attention:

Taken during one of the recognition ceremonies in my elementary school after I received my medal and certificate. I can still recall what caption the crazy girls thought of for this picture: "Tara na dad, nasatin na ang medal, pwede na nating pasabugin tong lugar na 'to!" They say I look like I have an evil plan here -- like that of a terrorist ready to attack. Do I? Really???

The laughters eventually subsided and on they went with looking at the pictures... Until they saw this...

I swear the guffaws were non-stop! They laughed like there's no tomorrow when they found out where I got that look -- my dad, no less! They say we're mag-amang terorista. How mean can they be? Hahahaha.

They even wanted to steal these photos and upload them on the internet but I managed to keep them out of their sight. So yeah, I'm doing those girls a favor by posting this now for the www to see. I'm sure wherever they are at the moment, they're laughing their asses off all over again.

Don't tell me you are, too? T_T

Happy back-to-work day, everyone! Don't worry, it's gonna be weekend again in 3 days! :)

P.S. I miss you, fishy friends. No matter how mean you are sometimes most of the time.


  1. nice one, em.. hahahaha i remember those days. good ole days.. I can't stop laughing right now! hahahhaha

  2. Am I also allowed to laugh? Hahaha! :)

  3. you are not, jerellt! hahaha kidding! of course you are.. :) at least napasaya kita sandali ^_^


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