Aug 17, 2011

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory

 Aside from this prenup-ish shot, the photo above is another one that never fails to make me smile, laugh even. Our Cebu trip is wonderful, no questions to that, but our Ilocos Getaway is a beautiful memory I won't easily forget. Not in this lifetime. It was a concoction of priceless just-the-two-of-us moments, bonding with a new set of friends, rural life experiences, picturesque sceneries, laid-back hours, crazyyyyyy adventures -- all captured in Facebook-worthy snaps!

Geez, made me miss J even more :-(

Hoping for more memories as awesome as this,


  1. you look both so hapy! i love this photo!
    fun, cool, and cuuuteeee!
    thanks for joining the giveaway hun, appreciate it a lot!
    muah. keep in touch! i followed back =)

  2. thanks Diane! happy, indeed ^_^

    yes, sweet girl, let's keep in touch by visiting each other's blogs!


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