Aug 15, 2011

Day 04 - A picture of yourself and a family member

With me is my dearest Tita Antin. I don't talk about her much in this blog so now's her time to shine! She's (happily) single that's why she just devoted her love and attention to me and my sisters (oh, and money too! haha) The picture above isn't only my triumph but hers too because she's the one who supported my education. Not only that, she's also the one giving me life's little luxuries in the form of laptop, cellphone, watch, clothes, and the list goes on. I'm blessed to have her, I know! :D

By the way, she'll be turning a year older in 3 days so advanced happy birthday 'Ta! Stay awesome! :-)


P.S. Sorry for the haggard look. That's what happens when you're wearing a black robe on top of a formal dress in an open field waiting for about 6 hours only to be called on stage for your 30 seconds of fame. Hahaha. Memories.

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