Jul 13, 2011

Thank You Aryanna! :)

I haven't been very active in Twitter lately. In fact, I only log in to join contests (haha!) or exchange a tweet or two with close friends, then sign off. So two nights ago I was surprised when I accidentally clicked the Mentions tab and saw this:

I don't know gerc44 but whoever he is, thanks to him for bringing good news! :)

I hurriedly visited Aryanna's blog (fyi, Aryanna is Ms. Jenni Epperson's unica hija) and I was able to confirm that I actually won one of these techie blings...

  I heart! it but I'm sure the boyfriend's gonna love it more.. hahaha.. (photo from Aryanna's blog)

Here's the catch. She posted the winners on June 26 and it's been more than two weeks :-( I was worried that the price gets forfeited but I still e-mailed her. It's worth a try, right? Then just a few hours ago, she replied asking for my delivery address! How awesome is that? :D

Again, thanks a lot to Aryanna and Samsung for this cool giveaway. Can't wait! ^_^

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