Jul 23, 2011

Oh Please, Not in Our Uniform

I didn't mean to break my silence with a rant but I just need to let this out. I'm browsing my News Feed in Facebook when I saw this page. It's been half an hour but until now I haven't gotten over the fact that they're doing that effin' pose in the craziest places just for the heck of it. It's just... ABSURD...



And the most ridiculous of them all...

Yeah, add life-threatening too!

I mean, I don't get it. I googled this unbelievable activity and found a few explanations here and here but I still find it (for a lack of better term) stupid. Why do they have to make a fool out of themselves just so they could post something on the internet? Is that was is cool these days? My goodness, what's happening to the youth of today?!?! 

And one more thing. They could act stupid all they want and I won't give a d*mn, just not in the uniform that I wore with pride for five years! Sigh.

Okay, I'm done with my piece. Now let me know what you think.

If you think PLM Planking is a disgrace to the university, please like this page. I just did.


  1. I didn't know about it until I read your blog. I feel for you when you said "They could act stupid all they want and I won't give a d*mn, just not in the uniform that I wore with pride for five years!" Whatever happened to just going to school to study? Argh! Kakainit sila ng ulo :s

  2. Hi Maude!

    I dunno if my first comment got through so I'm sending it again.

    When I saw your post, I just screamed "What the hell?!"

    I think these students are just being stupid. I mean, what are they trying to prove anyway? And to do this "planking" wearing our uniform?!

    These kids ought to show a little respect to the uniform. I know our uniform is not that good looking neither it is the most comfortable but to be able to wear it means you've done a pretty good job at the PLMAT to get in and you've given blood, sweat and tears just to stay inside. I was proud when I wore it for five years.

    I'm gonna blog about this, too. Let's help spread the word so these "foolish" students stop sabotaging our uniform and in turn sabotaging our university.

  3. Hi Maudey,

    Found your blog tru Mae (http://lifetimeoftogetherness.blogspot.com/)
    Like what I told her, I am an Iska too and I was equally disgusted on how foolish these PLMayers acted. If they want to get famous by planking do as they want but not while on PLM uniform. :(

    Btw, I will add you on my bloglist ha?

  4. im a PLMayer too, and i was very annoyed to see their stunts with our uniform.

    you know what's more annoying - kasi it's not an original idea. be famous on your own trick, wag ka mangopya. STEALING IS A CRIME - nasa blackboard yan everytime may exam ako sa PLM before..

  5. @jerellt: yea, ako din matagal-tagal din akong upset dahil sa mga pictures na yan.. accdg to mae, the page is no longer there, mabuti naman..

    @mae: very well said! thanks for posting about it too.. and for linking back to my blog :)

    @jhan: thanks thanks.. i wanna return the favor but i saw that you maintain a number of blogs.. which is the most active ba so I can include it in my list too? :)

    @chyng: ohmygosh, I'm starstruck! I've been spending a lot of time in your blog in the past weeks, backtracking and admiring the pictures and travel stories.. thanks for dropping by.. and yes, totally annoying..

    Thank you fellow Iskas for sharing your thoughts on this! Sooo happy to get in touch with bloggers from PLM :)

  6. OMG! You're soooo right! Stupid! Simply STUPID! And to think they are from PLM!

    Nakakalungkot. Na nakakainis!

  7. WTH! That is crazy! I didn't know about this 'til I saw it in your blog. Wala na atang magawa ang mga kabataan ngayon at kung ano ano na lang ang nasa isip. Tsk tsk tsk...

  8. they earn something here or what?

  9. link kita sa blog ko para mag appear ka pag may update ka gusto ko dito


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