Jul 12, 2011

I'm soooo Twitterpated!

I cannot contain my happiness so I'm sharing it with you... :D

Yes, I just transferred to my own domain!

I'm so kinikilig because it's a dream come true, I mean, putting up my blog in my own .com space. I didn't know it was that easy (and cheap! :D). Special thanks to Calvin (a high-profile blogger who turns out to be a former officemate :)) for posting about Namecheap, and for replying to my queries and making me believe that I can actually do it on my own.

Again, its www.maudesavenueofthoughts.com! Geez, I'm still on a high ♥_♥

Hoping you'll always visit my new home,


  1. Congratulations! Hoping I could get myself one too when my young and raw blog turns 1 :) Following you!

  2. @MC, thanks a lot! yep the earlier you get one for your blog, the better :)

    @mae, oo nga sis sayang, $1.99 lang..


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