Jun 30, 2011

A Work-related Musing

An earlier than usual status meet was called for. And the project manager broke the news to us gently.

I don’t know if this is an answered prayer but aren’t answered prayers supposed to give us pure bliss? Well this one does not. For some odd reasons, there’s a drop of tear waiting to be freed at this very moment. I may be ranting here and there how demanding my tasks are but truth be told, I love being a part of BI. I’m happy here. The people makes all the hard work worth it. Now that the news is out, I get the impression that every time I feel immensely attached to a team at work, the project has to end. And the short notice doesn’t help. Wrapping things up in a few days is mental and emotional torture. Really.

And if there’s any consolation to this, it’s that spark of hope that I'll be transferring to a better work environment earlier than I had planned. Is this see you soon, A********?

* BI = Banking Infrastracture (the name of our team)


  1. good luck to you Maude! God bless!

  2. :o seriously? wow! congrats and good luck! :)

  3. @vengieric: thank you so much, dear! god bless you too!

    @ecologyfairy: not really, i realized it's more complicated than i thought.. so wait nalang muna.. :)


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