Jun 8, 2011


We got back from Cebu this morning and as expected, we had the time of our lives so I definitely have a lot of photos and stories to share. But I wanted to start my Cebu Getaway series on a grateful note.

Days before our trip it's been raining hard here in the metro. Of course I don't want the weather to ruin our vacay (worst case is cancel or delay our flight) so my only prayer the past week is:

"Lord, 'wag lang umulan ng Sunday to Wednesday, hinding-hindi ako aangal kahit gaano kainit."

And come Sunday Morning, He gave us this:

Photo taken while on the cab, a few meters away from NAIA Terminal 3.

Thank you, Lord! You are an awesome God! :)

Now friends, please stay tuned for my detailed blogs about our trip ^_^

P.S. For the record, I fulfilled my promise. I made a conscious effort not to complain about the heat while in Cebu :P

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