Jun 30, 2011

Max's Chicken All You Can... Again!

J and I were able to try Max's Chicken All-You-Can last year and whenever we eat at Max's thereafter, we could only wish that they bring back the promo. So when I saw a giant ad along Roxas Blvd. that it'll be back, I immediately messaged him that we set the soonest date to get our fill of sarap-to-the-bones chicken.

Promo runs from June 10 - July 10, 2011 from 6pm - 10pm.

Fast forward to last Sunday. On our way home, we thought of finally giving in to our craving. We headed to the Max's nearest us - Harrison Plaza - at around 6:30 and we already had to queue. We weren't very hungry so we didn't mind waiting for about 20 minutes to be seated. We immediately ordered 2 Chicken All-You-Can plates and a serving of rice. It was a lesson learned for us last year to just get half a cup each so as not to be full right away and enjoy the chicken more. Oh by the way, the CAYC meal comes with a glass of beverage of your choice, and you can upgrade to bottomless for an additional 28pesos. J got an upgrade and as always, he got a run for his money :-)

In no time, our food landed on our table. We didn't wait any longer, it's game on! ^_^

* Please excuse the poor quality of photos, I don't have my camera with me and had to use the iPod and my humble Nokia C3 to take 'em. *

The boyfriend and his first serving.
My plate.. Round 1! :) I'm a thigh part lover so I had to endure the chicken breast for starters.
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! *that's the sound of a bell, okay?! :P* Round 2! Yay, thigh part! Not to forget, the waiters in this branch are pretty much attentive to the customers' request for refills (although my heart still belongs to the Robinson's Place Manila crew from last year's experience :D)
I could barely finish this 3rd serving but I'm trying to outdo last year's record so I had a 4th one. At that point, I just had to give up or else, J had to carry me home (which I doubt he's capable of :P)
The heap of bones for all the chicken both of us had. Do you still have to ask if we got our tummies full? :-)
A picture of us while waiting for the bill.
All in all, we paid PhP 511 for the food mentioned above plus an order of fresh lumpia to go. Aaaaaaaand.. the icing on the cake: 20-peso money coupons for every PhP 200 spent! Love et! :)

J and I both had 4 quarters... yes, that translates to a whole chicken each! It was sooooooo sulit especially if you're like us with a big appetite.

Thumbs up for this year's Max's CAYC promo! Now it's your turn to give it a try! Hurry, 10 days left! :-D

Hoping that there's gonna be another one next year,


  1. I have to try this! I really like Max's chicken. But I get full so easily so Im rethinking its value for money. I have a plan though.... Maybe this weekend, I can have just a little breakfast, skip lunch and do the CHicken all you can for dinner. Haha! Im sure its gonna be worth it. :D Thanks for the post! Looks like you really had fun.


  2. hi Gayle! we really had fun, although towards the end we can hardly breathe because we're so full.. haha.. do give it a try :)

    P.S. your plan sounds good, but don't skip lunch.. maybe crackers will do :)


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