Jun 14, 2011

Cebu Getaway: The Beginning

Last year we celebrated our anniversary in Tagaytay. It was really special because it's our first out-of-town trip just the two of us. But since we want to outdo ourselves by making each anniv celebration more special than the last, we planned to go somewhere farther for our sixth year -- hence, the Cebu Getaway.

The trip was around four months in the making. I searched a hundred websites for the places to visit, itinerary and budget. I consulted quite a number of friends when my options got messed up. Jhay and I had to sit down and really sort things out because I keep changing my mind. Getting to "the day" was definitely not a walk in the park but as they say, if things are meant to be, the universe will conspire. And it did! The next thing we knew, we were at the airport, waiting for our turn to check in our bags :-)

Cebu Pacific check-in counters at the NAIA terminal 3.

The boyfriend patiently enduring my being a photo freak :-)

Our bags weighed 11.7 kgs excluding hand-carry (the green one, where we put all our valuables) -- meaning there's still room for pasalubong when we return :D

After paying the Php200 terminal fee (per head), we're ready to board flight 5J-553 ^_^

But we decided to grab a quick bite first at a Red Ribbon stall. My gosh, prices skyrocket in airports! The banana cake slice costs Php35 while the coke in can is at Php50.

Then we proceeded to the waiting area. Oooops, both of us wearing red is just a coincidence. Really! :P

We were at the waiting area an hour earlier than the boarding time so we had a lot of time to burn. The boyfriend, as usual, is contented with his earphones plugged. Me? Just reading the travel guides I printed and then glancing once in a while at my shoes! Please bear with me, it was my first time wearing it. Hahaha.

Our flight is at 10:10AM and at exactly 9:40, we were asked to board! Yipee! We're on time!

I told you, the weather is great!

Our first plane ride together!

We went through the safety SOPs and in-flight advertisements. I was checking my watch in between, intently waiting for the plane to take-off but at 10:10am, the captain announced that there will be a delay in our flight :( 

5, 10, 15 minutes passed and we're still on the ground. I admit I'm getting impatient, good thing the English-speaking boy seated next to us kept me entertained. J and I found ourselves silently giggling at his curious questions. The best one for me is when he asked his dad what pressure is and the daddy can't quite explain the way the kid would understand. But the mommy was able to answer with flying colors! Talk about girl power! :P

After a 30-minute delay, we're finally taking off! Thanks heavens! ^_^
Up, up and away! I'm seated by the window so I was able to closely watch our ascent.

The estimated travel time is 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was a smooth flight and at 11:45AM, we're officially in Cebu! ^_^ Of course, we took pictures at the grounds (despite the advisory to refrain from it). It's my first time to ride a plane so no one can stop me from capturing memories. Haha!


We took our bags then asked around for the cab terminal. What I've read in blogs and forums is right. If you wanna take a white metered cab (instead of the yellow airport taxis), just go to the arrival exit, walk a few steps to your right then go up a plight of stairs across the street. There you'll see a queue of regular taxis waiting to take you to your destination.

An evidence of the Sto. Nino devotion this side of the country.

I can't take the smile off my face especially as we passed by bridge connecting Mactan Island to Cebu City. Man, we really are in Cebu already!

We got to the city proper in no time and all of us were on the lookout for East Capitol Pensionne, our first accommodation. One last right turn and the driver pulled over.

This is it. Let the Cebu Adventure begin! :-)

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