May 9, 2011

A Little Update

It's been more than a week now since my last post, blame it on my ISP. In fairness to PLDT, my connection is good most of the time but once it gets busted, it takes more than daysssssssss to get the problem fixed. In fact, I have no internet connection at home for 9 days now. And they have poor customer service also because dad's following up ever freakin' day to no avail. So dear PLDT myDSL peeps, I hope you can do something about this because if I don't get my service back within the week, I swear, I'm getting our line cut! *rawr*

Now enough of the negative vibes on a Monday. Here's a little update:

*  As I've told you, I spent the Holy Week in Ilocos. Then the weekend after that I was in Laguna for our yearly family outing. Then yesterday I was with le boyf's family for a surprise swimming party for his uncle. I'm sooooo thankful that I get to spend time with his family now :)

* Due to asterisk # 1, I haven't had enough time to put together my Ilocos posts but I'm working on them. I hope that the universe conspires so that I can publish them this weekend.

* On top of my head: I miss staying at home and doing nothing.

* Maude's Avenue of Thoughts is turning one on May 18th! ^_^ I've prepared a little something to give away so please please please stay tuned and help me spread the word once I post the contest mechanics :)

Missing blogging big time,

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