May 30, 2011

Finally... I Got You!

I was never a sporty person. The last sport I remembered playing was volleyball and I did it just because it is required to take 4 PE classes when I was in college. That was also the last time I wore a pair of rubber shoes. Seriously!

But since I have a boyfriend who convinces me every day to lose a little weight (he always always tells me that he loves me even I don't but I should also be mindful of my health -- right, hon? :P), last weekend he bought me this:

We've been searching high and low for the perfect sports shoes for me but it's always either we don't like the design or they don't have my size, or sometimes the design and size are okay but it's way out of our budget. So I was beyond ecstatic when we finally found the one that's not white but has pink, has size 8.5 and (the best part) is only...

And it still has 30% off the price tag! 
Do the math then congratulate me for such a steal! ^_^

My first step to wellness has just been taken, thanks to J :-) Now on with the harder part: diet + exercise.

Wish me luck :P


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