May 30, 2011

Finally... I Got You!

I was never a sporty person. The last sport I remembered playing was volleyball and I did it just because it is required to take 4 PE classes when I was in college. That was also the last time I wore a pair of rubber shoes. Seriously!

But since I have a boyfriend who convinces me every day to lose a little weight (he always always tells me that he loves me even I don't but I should also be mindful of my health -- right, hon? :P), last weekend he bought me this:

We've been searching high and low for the perfect sports shoes for me but it's always either we don't like the design or they don't have my size, or sometimes the design and size are okay but it's way out of our budget. So I was beyond ecstatic when we finally found the one that's not white but has pink, has size 8.5 and (the best part) is only...

And it still has 30% off the price tag! 
Do the math then congratulate me for such a steal! ^_^

My first step to wellness has just been taken, thanks to J :-) Now on with the harder part: diet + exercise.

Wish me luck :P

May 21, 2011

And the Winner is...

After a tedious verification process, I am very pleased to share that there were 55 unique entries to Maude's Avenue of Thoughts' Blog Anniversary giveaway. This translated to 4 excel sheets, hours of cross-checking and 167 valid entries (since a person can have a maximum of 4). Again, my deepest thanks for celebrating my 1st year of blogging with me.

Good thing we had some idle time in the office 
so I was able to prepare the manual raffle earlier today :)

Now... the part that we've all been waiting for...

167 strips printed, cut and folded. Well I could use if I want to but I wanna keep the personal touch  :)

So what I did was tap our little girl to do the manual raffle. She's more than willing, I tell you! :)

Then it was time to pick one.

"Here, Ate Em. Check first if it's not one of my Ninangs."
*I'm kidding, girlfriends! :P*

And the winner of the chic Celine bag is...

I told you, she is sooooo having fun :D

Can't see it clearly? Here's a closer look:

Congratulations Mylene!!!
Even I am jealous! LOL

Please get in touch with me through for details on how to claim your prize. Looking forward to meeting you! :)

Again, thank you all for joining my mini-contest. I couldn't have done it without you. Till next year!

Oh, do drop by once in a while, please? :)

Much love,

May 18, 2011

Hey blog, it's your birthday!

This will be a really quick post because I'm really busy with work today.

Happy birthday, Maude's Avenue of Thoughts!

It's just like yesterday I was asking my office seatmate what I'm gonna name my blog and now, I've been sharing snippets of my life for a year! To the people who's been a fan since day one (hello girlfriends!), to those who appreciate my craft, to those who take time to comment, to those whose writing make me feel that I am a lousy blogger but inspire me to be a better one, to everyone who passed-by and continually does, a biiiiiiiiiig thank you to all of you.

I know I have my blog giveaway to thank for the dramatic increase in page views and followers but my wish on my blog's birthday is for people to continue dropping by when the contest is over. I know that's too much to ask but it's free to dream, right? :)

Oh I almost forgot, I was overwhelmed with the turnout of the giveaway and I need a little more time to sort out the entries. It doesn't help that my internet connection at home is still down. Please bear with me. I'll be announcing the winner midnight of Saturday, the latest. Stick around :-)


May 17, 2011

OMG! I Won Again! ^_^

I got a pleasant surprise on the eve of my blog's birthday!

I am going to YummyEATS
courtesy of Animetric's World!

I am so excited because it's my first time to attend something like this. I'll definitely blog about my experience. Thanks again, Animetric! ^_^

P.S. I therefore conclude... the secret to having that magic in raffle contests is just joining and not expecting to win. It works. Really.

P.P.S. 2 and a half hours left before my giveaway ends. Goodluck to everyone who joined!

May 16, 2011

Keep the Entries Coming! ^_^

I am sooooooo happy when I went online today! I received a number of entries for my blog anniversary giveaway! I know most of the entries I owe to Mukhang Pera's blog so I'm very much thankful because he published my contest before he went on a blogging break.

If you haven't joined yet, now's the perfect time! Then you still have two days to share it to friends and get better chances of winning.

Can hardly wait for May 18! Good Luck everyone! :)

May 11, 2011

Maude's Avenue of Thoughts Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

In a week's time Maude's Avenue of Thoughts will be turning one year old! As my way of thanking my few readers (and hopefully welcoming new ones :D), I'm hosting a mini giveaway. And since I personally love bags, I thought of giving away this:

Yes, a really chic shoulder bag from Celine!
(Oh no, it's not sponsored :D)

I tell you, when I bought this, I had second thoughts of raffling it off because I wanted it for myself! Haha! First thing that caught my fancy was the colors because I can pair it with any outfit. And then it's big so I can stash all my stuff inside! And look at the bear detail... kyooooooot! ^_^

Now, the easy-peasy steps to join:

1. Follow Maude's Avenue of Thoughts.
2. Like it's Facebook page (yes it's new, and it's my birthday gift for Maude's Avenue!)
3. Leave a comment in this blog post letting me know that you've done both steps. Don't forget to include your name and e-mail address.

That's it! 3 steps earn you 1 entry! :)

But wait, there's more! *a la Home TV shopping*

I really need help spreading the word so if you share it via FB, Twitter or your blog, you get more chances of winning.

* Share it via Facebook (1 entry):

Visit @Maude's Avenue of Thoughts ( for a chance to win a chic Celine bag.

(make sure that you tag my page so that I can see it and verify if you win)

* Share it via Twitter (1 entry):

Win a Celine bag here -- @maudemaxine

(make sure you mention me! :D)

* Re-blog (1 entry)!

Blog about the giveaway then include a link back to this post.

Here's a sample entry:

Anyone who can claim the prize in Makati area can join.  Contest ends midnight of May 18th. Winner will be  drawn via manual raffle and will be announced in the evening of my blog's birthday.

So ladies, join now!

And guys who wanna give their ladies a gift, you can join too! :)

I'll be waiting for your entries ^_^

May 9, 2011

A Little Update

It's been more than a week now since my last post, blame it on my ISP. In fairness to PLDT, my connection is good most of the time but once it gets busted, it takes more than daysssssssss to get the problem fixed. In fact, I have no internet connection at home for 9 days now. And they have poor customer service also because dad's following up ever freakin' day to no avail. So dear PLDT myDSL peeps, I hope you can do something about this because if I don't get my service back within the week, I swear, I'm getting our line cut! *rawr*

Now enough of the negative vibes on a Monday. Here's a little update:

*  As I've told you, I spent the Holy Week in Ilocos. Then the weekend after that I was in Laguna for our yearly family outing. Then yesterday I was with le boyf's family for a surprise swimming party for his uncle. I'm sooooo thankful that I get to spend time with his family now :)

* Due to asterisk # 1, I haven't had enough time to put together my Ilocos posts but I'm working on them. I hope that the universe conspires so that I can publish them this weekend.

* On top of my head: I miss staying at home and doing nothing.

* Maude's Avenue of Thoughts is turning one on May 18th! ^_^ I've prepared a little something to give away so please please please stay tuned and help me spread the word once I post the contest mechanics :)

Missing blogging big time,

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