Apr 2, 2011


Okay. I know I've been quiet the past days and I haven't had a new post but it's been a little stressful at work. Last Thursday though I made it a point to leave the office early to do something I've never done in years: SPEND TIME WITH MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS.

I swear I think the last time I saw some of them was high school graduation so the moment they invited, I knew I just had to come. Also, one of my friends, Cecile, who lives in Japan and experienced the historic 8.9 magnitude earthquake is going back there next week so it's really high time to see each other and catch-up.

First things first: DINNER @ Ibayo Restaurant along San Miguel by the Bay. 

Just a couple of days back I told myself that I really won't eat much during dinner but I ate my words again. Thumbs up for the food. They're your typical Filipino dishes but they're cooked pretty well. The servings are generous too! We just had an additional platter of rice and the set meal good for 4-8 was enough for like 11 persons. And the best thing is we only paid PhP 1645.

Crispy Pata
Adobong Kangkong
Part of the set meal but were not in picture are fried chicken, turon, rice and iced tea.
While saying grace. Would you believe me if I tell you that I'm not looking at the crispy pata? Haha

Oh the ambiance is noteworthy as well. Casual yet classy. I suggest you try it there some time.

We talked about, of course, tons of high school memories. These girls are hilarious as ever! We were so noisy that it's like we rented the place and the lady in the other table looks annoyed already but we couldn't care less. We haven't been together for ages and we have to make the most out of the evening.

My official HS barkada, minus the busy ones.

After dinner some had to go -- but we promised to organize a more formal get-together and make sure more people can come. But I tell you, for most of us, the night is young. In fact, the guest of honor haven't even arrived yet!


Cec and her Canadian husband, Dave, came around 10PM and it's time for the after-party. We walked around looking for a place where we could hang out and we stumbled upon Bed Scene. 

I've been hearing nice things about the place but it's my first time to try it. It's one of a kind because they had, well from the name itself, beds instead of tables. It's perfect for a cozy affair but it's not for big groups like us because you hardly see the people at the other end of the bed. We transferred to the tables outside and it was a lot better.


The session started. Dave shared their earthquake experience over a tower of beer and some apple-flavored drinks. He's an amazing storyteller we felt like we were actually there! He told us how the ordeal changed the way he sees life. It was then that he realized that you may have a lot of money in your pocket but it wouldn't matter because there's nothing to spend it on -- shelves are wiped out of food, gasoline stations are closed -- and in the end it's still the genuine care of the people around you that would help you survive.

Guy is talking about how hard it is to drive during an earthquake. Girl is making chika. Hahaha.

 The latter part of the night was spent musing over about our youth and realizing how crazy we were back in the day. We unearthed stories about our mischiefs, and how these got our teachers at wits' end. We talked about how we hoarded the yummy baon of our classmates and how (well) we cheated during Math exams. We recalled the habitual fight about who's gonna mop the floor, the snacks that disappear from someone else's bag, the silly school plays, the overpriced food in the cafeteria, oh even a classmate's BO (yeah, we're a little mean like that!). LOL.


Soon we had to call it a night -- an awesome night full of laughing and reminiscing and bonding the Malatean way -- and those who failed to come definitely missed a lot :D


  1. "oh even a classmate's BO" <--- Hahahahaha! Same thing goes with our reunions :p

  2. ganun ata talaga eh.. :P you have to show up, else you'll be the star of kwentuhan! Haha


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