Apr 26, 2011

Ilocandia Tour: The first 24 hours after

Let me start sharing with you our Ilocos Adventure by writing about how I felt AFTER it.

We got to J's office in Cainta at around 5AM. We just sorted our stuff then he brought me home. He wasn't able to sleep the entire 12-hour drive because I was sleeping in his arms so I asked him to take a nap first when we got here a little shy of 6AM. We savored our last few hours together, had breakfast then it was time for him to go home. I walked him to where he'll get a ride and then it's official -- our weekend is over.

In my previous post I said that the hardest part about a vacation is preparing to go back to work the next day. But I was sooooo wrong. It's nothing compared to going back to reality that we again have to be apart. Spending almost 5 days having him by my side 24/7 was just pure bliss. Exactly the reason I was feeling low since yesterday. I got so used to seeing him all day and cuddling with him all night that I had a difficult time adjusting to our normal routines again. It was an emotional rollercoaster, I tell you. 

I was okay the first few hours, in fact I was even able to post an FB status and a blog about how happy the weekend was. It was when I'm already in the office that it sank in: No more holding his hand whenever I want, no more sharing a plate with him during breakfast, lunch and dinner, no more sleeping in each other's arms and seeing him every waking moment. In my head was a flashback of the past 4 days and without me noticing it, my eyes were welling up with tears. Actually, It's been a day now but I'm still crying as I type :'(

I, myself, feel that I'm being a little too emotional but I can't help it, really. This morning, waking up next to pillows just made me cry again. I know this has got to stop. Question is... how? :(

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