Apr 25, 2011

I was MIA because...

I just got back from an out-of-town trip with the love of my life! Guess where we went?

Yes, Ilocos it is! :D

Remember how I had a dilemma on where we'll go for our anniversary? Also, remember last week I shared that I already had booked a flight to Cebu? Well, life truly has a way of surprising us because just when I am convinced that an Ilocos tour had to wait (for the mean time), J tagged me along to their company outing and we had the bestest 4-day vacay of our lives!

I will try to squeeze blogging snippets of the trip into my sched but for now I gotta deal with the hardest part about getting yourself a vacation -- preparing to go back to work! :P

I hope you all had a great time with your loved-ones this weekend as much as I did! :D


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