Mar 4, 2011

Flashback Fridays: A Month Ago

Well, hello there weekend! You know what that means? It's time for another Flashback Fridays post! And since today is the 4th of the month, I'm sharing with you a little celebration that we had exactly a month ago :-)

Among the many eccentricities that I have that Jhay has learned to live with is my love for Gab. Now who the hell is Gab?! Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, I would like you to meet my little angel, Gabrielle Alexandra...

Yes, folks, she's a stuffed toy... but I love her to the bones! ^_^ She's the first (not to mention, only) stuffed toy Jhay gave me so she's treated like a princess. Okay fine, she's actually named Matthew (by Blue Magic) but she's mine so I baptized him her with a lovely name.

Now lemme give you Gab's short biography:

Gab was born on February 4, 2008 over a Max's dinner for our 18th monthsary.
Here we are during one of our mommy moments. You see, I'm very maternal even before Haley came :)

On her 1st birthday, her granny Minie gave her a bath to make sure she'll look good...

...and I bought her a birthday dress that she'll be the prettiest!

Of course Daddy joined the fun, too! The three of us went to the mall, had dinner and took pictures with her birthday cake.

Then came her second birthday. She's growing up fast! :P

Mommy forgot the cake but bought her two dresses to make up. We didn't go out this year to celebrate but we had some quality time at home.

See how much her daddy loves her? Hahaha

And finally, last month, Gab turned three. Jhay and I had dinner first to celebrate our 68th month (we're like kids, we still celebrate monthsaries :D) then we bought her a Red Ribbon roll.

Our little family! :) Oooops, granny was a little busy she forgot to give Gab a bath! Hahaha

I love this picture! We look so happy, don't we? Makes me look forward to having a real baby girl :)

Noticed something wrong with the dedication? Kainis the Red Ribbon crew, he started writing in the middle so there's not enough room for "Gab" in the end. Ayan napunta tuloy sa unahan. I asked him to put a comma after the name to at least look okay but he put an exclamation point! My goodness! Good thing the yummyness of the cake made up for it.

Oh, I have another story. The entire time we were singing the birthday song and taking pictures, Haley was staring at Gab with a frown. She doesn't want Gab near. Look at the expression on her face.

Then here's our conversation the next morning (yeah, Haley speaks really well for a 2-year old):

        Me:  Ye, sinong bestfriend mo?
        Haley: GK. (that's the neighbor's daughter)
        Me: Eh si Gab, hindi mo friend?
        *she shook her head*
        Me: Friends na kayo. Tignan mo mabait sya oh.
        *she was silent, like thinking real hard. then after a few moments...*
        Haley: Ate Em, san eyes nya???

Turns out, she doesn't like Gab because she was pretty scared that she doesn't have eyes! When I swept Gab's fur to the side to reveal her eyes, Haley smiled. And the rest, as they say, is history. Hahaha. Kids talaga...

Yes, they're friends now! In fact, she gave Gab that violet dress because it doesn't fit her anymore daw. Sweet! ^_^

Once again, Happy 3rd birthday Gabby dear! Mommy and Daddy loves you! :)


  1. i like thisss! :P cute cute ni Haley at ni Gab :D

  2. thanks a! you sound like you really know them :)

    would you mind telling me who you are? your username is kinda mysterious so i can't really tell if you're someone i know in real life (not just online, i mean). haha.

    thanks for dropping by! :)


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