Mar 22, 2011

Surprise! :)

It may be trivial to many but seeing this as I scrolled down my blog was a pleasant surprise! ^_^

Shallow, yes. But seeing my first Nuffnang ad unit made me really happy. I don't really care about the money because I don't even know if someone would actually click on it (or what it takes for the ad to stay there. for all I know it may be gone tomorrow :P). It's just that... that... that I feel one step closer to being a true blogger! 9,999 steps to go! Hahahaha..

Oh yeah, I remembered another thing. Nuffnang has a lot of promos and contests and most of the time, having at least one ad unit is a requirement for eligibility. Now I can join! Yay!

How about you, what made you happy today? :D


  1. wow nagcomment si Mommy Fleur sa blog kooooo! :) that was my initial reaction, really.. haha.. thanks a lot!

  2. ikaw na! huhuhuhu >>> inggiters, hahaha!

  3. ibig sabihin labs mag-blog ka na daw ulit.. daliiiiii :)

  4. wow labs! pati si mommy fleur nagcomment.. kaw na! :)

  5. napasaya nga ko ng comment nya eh, kahit un lang sinabi nya.. hihi.. katuwa..


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