Mar 20, 2011


Note: This was written yesterday where there isn't internet connection :P

It's 2:20AM in the clock and we're here somewhere far. I'm with my girlfriends (oooh, that's another story ^^,) and we just finished our first movie for the night. Great starter. Guess what?

Call me late bloomer because it took me 4 years to watch it. I have to say I've been missing a hell lot! It was an awesome love story -- the lines, the emotions, the music, the characters, oh that hot male lead! -- all the elements just the way I wanted them!

Haven't seen it yet? You should! NOW! ;-)


  1. This one never fails to make me cry no matter how many times I've already watched it. I wish they make more movies out of Cecelia Ahern's novels. :)

  2. ooohh, i didn't know it was from a novel. i love love love the story. it deviates from our typical happily ever after plot. and i was head over heels with the letters. i'll definitely watch it again! :)


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