Mar 22, 2011

Pot of Gold

Remember last Sunday I mentioned about a little LQ? Well J showed up at home Sunday afternoon with this:

Inside the box are 2 layers of these. I love!

At times I am partial when it comes to chocolate brands I've never heard of just like this. In fact I ignored it when J brought it out of the bag but when we opened the box and saw how lovely and tempting the chocolate pieces are, I wasn't able to resist taking the first bite. Boy oh  boy, for a "never-heard" brand, it exceeded my expectations!

I took another one in no time using the help of this interesting flavor guide printed in the inner part of the box lid:

Nice no? :) Click the image for a bigger version.

We took turns in trying out the variants. Each has a distinct taste to it but my favorite would have to be Milk Truffle and Chocolate Creme with Almond. Before we know it, the entire first layer is gone! Hahaha.

Thanks Honey for another sweet surprise. You're my life's Pot of Gold (yikes, cheesy!)

Oh, and if peace offerings are always like this, I just might pick a fight with you everyday! LOL.

*** The next day, he sent me a message in FB telling me that based on his research, Pot of Gold isn't just another chocolate brand. It's actually a Hershey's product :D

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