Mar 10, 2011

I'm Giving Up...

I grew up taking Christian Living classes everyday, attending first Friday masses, writing reflections on the Gospel (with my parent's signature to attest to my mass attendance :P) but tell you what, I was never a religious person. Religion and faith are two different things, and I am, at the very least, proud to say that the latter I am overflowing with. That is why today, like the rest of the Catholic community, I observed the beginning of the Lenten Season: Ash Wednesday.

Since I believe I am mature enough to join Bro in His journey, I am doing my own version of abstinence. I thought about this for hours because I wanted them to be something relevant but not too ambitious. Hence, I only chose to give up TWO things, in the hope that they'll become a habit I'll be able to continue beyond the fasting season :)

1. SLEEP. Okay, don't think I'll make a zombie out of myself. I won't. I just meant I'll sacrifice 2-3 extra hours of sleep every morning by going to the office (relatively) early. My usual time in is 12noon and Jhay has been pleading for the longest time that I come in earlier to keep up with his work hours. I figured, now is the perfect time to begin but to still be realistic, I'm imposing a not-later-than-10AM rule. So help me God.

2. RICE. A month ago, I had the mandatory annual physical exam at work and as usual, the finding is that I am overweight. Well let's face it, if dieting is a quiz bee round, it has to be clincher. It is just so hard to say no to Sinigang, french fries, barbeque, Chickenjoy, chocolates, sundae, and the list goes on. But recently, I went for a check-up and was advised by the doctor that not only am I unhealthy, there is also a high probability that I won't be able to conceive because of my weight issues. Oh please, I want to be a mommy someday! Thus, I am taking a baby step to wellness. I'm taking things slowly so for now, I am eliminating rice from dinner. Again, not too ambitious, so viands are still allowed in my book. Just. Not. Rice.

There you have it, the two things I'll give up for Lent. What's yours? :D


  1. Hi, your blog is promising. Full of stimulating ideas. Congrats!

    In a way, it supplements DirectionsOnWeb's purpose and vice versa.

    Helping one another is proven the best way to success in blogging world called bloggosphere.

    What do you think?

  2. Hi there Lagalag, thank you for dropping by and more thanks for the kind words. Really made me smile :)

    Yes, I'm with you there. Hear, hear to helping fellow bloggers! :)


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