Mar 25, 2011

Girls Night In -- Again!

After the delish dinner at GB3, I and my girls traveled two friggin' hours to Noreen's almost-provincial abode. The purpose? Another girl bonding at it's finest.

We got in before the clock struck twelve and were greeted by Noreen's spanking new 32" LCD TV. We didn't waste time, we immediately kicked the ladies' night off with, guess what, a chick flick! An hour and a half later, not only the credits were rolling but Nhix's tears as well. It was indeed a melancholic start so we decided to lighten up the mood by watching Glee next. Dang, I didn't realize how much I miss the show till I saw them sing and groove to the music. Plus, it's great to see Sue and her bully ways again! LOL

We finished three episodes before we figured we already wanted to hit the bed. Calling it a night? Oh no, not us! In the bedroom we had more chikahan. It amazes me how after almost seven years (five of which were spent with each other every single day) we still manage to burn hours and hours just talking and laughing and having fun. I love my girls to the bits!

I was looking at the pictures and I can't believe that it's already breakfast when we remembered to snap a few shots! We used to document our every move. What happened to us?! Anyhoo... For the most important meal of the day (according to Spongebob), it's Tita Beth's (Noreen's mom) pansit bihon! Yum!

Casualty of the night that was: Ref Cake! ^_^

Like we're really putting our endurance to the test, we just grab a quick breakfast then got hold of the microphone -- it's Videoke time, baby!

Today's theme: BOYBANDS. Aaaah, it took us back to our glorious teenage years!

Waving to the tune of What Makes A Man.

From Westlife to Backstreet Boys to A1 to *NSYNC. We sang hits that took us down memory lane.

Jaq getting a little too emotional. Guess what the song is?
Purrrrrfect for her and the bf's little LQ that time. Don't hate me for this Jaq, ha? :P

It got us thinking why there are no longer groups like them nowadays. I have nothing against K-Pop but..... okay, maybe I am against K-Pop. No offense to their fans but I just see them as girls trying to look like guys. Just imagine how more annoying Filipino groups imitating them are! :-/

Alright enough of the hate now. We did girl groups next. And boy oh boy, Brown Eyes was a tough warm-up song! It took all the energy left inside my system! Hahaha.

Ladies and gentlemen, this song is dedicated to my lovey-dove J! :P

We belted more of Destiny's Child, S Club 7, Spice Girls and Atomic Kitten. Do you remember them old school femme fatale songs? ;-)

Shortly, it's time for lunch. In the table was no less than Pork Sinigang! Made me sing el-oh-el-oh-el-oh-L-O-V-E!

Tito Omby's (Noreen's dad) cooking! I get so weak in the knees. Hahaha.
Noticed my and Nhix's hairstyle?
Here's a closer look. Please don't tell me I look like I'm ready to do sumo wrestling. I'm gonna loathe you forever. Hahahaha

After the scrumptious meal, we started to prep-up. We wanted to stay longer and just lay around and laugh. This - just staying indoors, eating like there's no tomorrow, indulging in girl talk till our throats hurt - is just what we need after busy work weeks and crazy deadlines. This is our idea of bonding. Of relaxation. Of fun.

I'm your girl, you're my girl, we your girls
Don't you know that we love ya!
Oooops sorry, hung over Destiny's Child :D

You, how do you bond with your favorite ladies? :)


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